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When working remotely, you may find yourself feeling left out and disconnected from your co-workers, as discussed in this article in the Harvard Business Review. While there aren’t any magical answers, one of our health coaches, Amy Rodquist-Kodet, MA, CHWC (who works remotely full time) has several suggestions for helping you and your team feel more connected.

A group using video conferencing

Use video with Skype or Zoom

Even though it isn't always perfect and it may be more difficult to follow, being able to see your team allows much more connection than conference calls, or worse, long email chains.

Man talking on photo next to a warm window

Consider a quick phone call

Even though we've learned to rely on email and texts, hearing a voice not only avoids another long email chain, but it invites greater connection.

Woman working from home

Make personal connections

Recent personal pictures, funny memes and random fun can give your team a sense of a belonging.

Pile of socks with different textures

Remember the little things that matter

Does one of your co-workers have a sock collection? Does another love dogs? Is there one who really enjoys science-fiction movies? If you see something they might like, send them a text or PM. It’s those little interactions that build connections and really boost morale, joy and zest in your day.


Woman with head covering talking

Encourage your team

As a supervisor, encourage your team to be honest about needing personal connection time during check-in meetings. Does anyone on your team feel disconnected? If there is important information – even if it isn’t work-related – make sure all remote team members know about it.

Make a plan for how you can keep everyone in the loop. Connection is important to a happy, productive team, and both managers and team members need to be honest about how they can remain in the loop. Feelings of isolation and disconnection are common with working remotely, so remember to keep it in mind as we go through this new normal.