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Revision date of this archived policy: June 30, 1983

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5.1 Policy
  It is the intention of the University of Kentucky to define staff positions in a manner which will support and promote sound personnel and administrative practices. Broad employment categories have been established and defined. These categories assist the University in complying with appropriate federal and state laws as well as University intent. It is the responsibility of the sector personnel offices to categorize positions as follows:
  5.1.1 Professional and Administrative Category (Exempt)
    Applicable to positions having University-wide, sector-wide, or major program responsibility; positions responsible for planning, organizing, developing, and directing a major function of the University or a sector such as a college or division; positions responsible for carrying out the plans, procedures, and policies of the institution through daily management and/or supervision of a department; positions of a professional nature requiring knowledge of a specific, advanced course of study normally acquired by two or three years in a specialized field, and/or a license, certification or registration; positions of a professional nature performing artistic and creative activities dependent upon imagination, talent, or invention; and positions of a professional nature which require advanced knowledge in a field of learning acquired by a prolonged course of specialized instruction and study and performing tasks directly associated with daily operations of an organizational unit utilizing a specialized body of knowledge and skills in carrying out these responsibilities and with formulating and carrying out institutional policy through investigation, analysis, and counsel and advice, as well as positions with specialized consultant and development responsibilities in University extension and external service-oriented programs.
    These positions perform exempt-level work eighty percent (80%) or more of their work time, administering or performing support activities.
NOTE: The nonexempt supervisory staff, who in general report to staff in the administrative and professional category, are included in the appropriate nonexempt category to which the position has been assigned.
  5.1.2 Technical and Scientific Category (Nonexempt)
    Applicable to positions involved in the supporting tasks vital to the successful completion of teaching, research, and service functions and requiring specialized knowledge and skills acquired through experience and/or education, but which do not normally meet the criteria for the professional and administrative category.
  5.1.3 Office and Clerical Category (Nonexempt)
    Applicable to a wide range of activities involved with processing, collecting, recording, and distributing various records, reports, communications, and other informational data required in support of the teaching, research, and service functions.
  5.1.4 Service and Maintenance Category (Nonexempt)
    Applicable to positions involved in the supportive service activities relating to building and grounds, maintenance, food services, farm labor, hospital support, and other auxiliary functions of a nontechnical nature.
NOTE: Categories in 5.1.2, 5.1.3, and 5.1.4 include those supervisory positions which do not meet the exempt criteria of 5.1.1.