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Revision date of this archived policy: April 28, 1997

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94.1 Policy
  It is the policy of the University to assist all active, regular full-time staff employees who are enrolled in a health care plan or plans by contributing toward the cost of the employee's coverage.
  94.1.1 Certain retirees and employees who have been approved for long term disability benefits are also eligible for the credit. The credit may be utilized in conjunction with family coverage or a more expensive single plan option. In such cases the employee is responsible for the difference between the credit and the cost of the plan selected.
  94.1.2 The pooling of credits is permissible where both husband and wife are active, regular full-time employees of the University where both wish to apply their credit toward family coverage. The eligible employee who desires pooling of credits is responsible for notifying the Employee Benefits Office in writing as well as providing pertinent data necessary to accomplish this transaction.
  94.1.3 An employee receiving the health care plan credit shall not continue to receive it during any month in which the employee is on leave without pay and receives no pay check, except for an employee is on an approved Family and Medical Leave without pay and an employee who is on an approved temporary disability ninety (90) days leave period without pay. An eligible employee on leave without pay for part of a month shall receive the full credit for that month if the employee received a pay check in that month. An eligible employee separating from employment earns a full credit in the final month of employment only if the employee contacts the Employee Benefits Office and makes the fact known that coverage is desired for the month following the month employment terminates. In addition, the employee must make arrangements for paying whatever the employee may owe above and beyond the University credit.
  94.1.4 An employee retired under the provisions of AR II who has a minimum of fifteen (15) years of regular full-time employment, or its equivalent, who has fifteen (15) years of continuous service up to the date of retirement, and who is enrolled in a health care plan at the time of retirement is eligible for the credit for as long as the employee's coverage continues. The retired group also includes individuals eligible for University supplemental retirement benefit calculations regardless of their years of service.
  94.l.5 An employee approved for benefits under the long term disability program (see Human Resources Policy and Procedure Number 95.0: Long Term Disability Program) is eligible to receive the credit.
  94.1.6 An eligible employee on Worker's Compensation Leave (see Human Resources Policy and Procedure Number 96.0: Worker's Compensation) may be eligible to receive the credit. This determination is based on the employee's relationship with the University.