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One of the top themes in the survey about appreciation Staff Senate conducted in May 2020 was the desire to be heard. Carving out time to listen and engage in quality conversation is especially important between different levels.

Specifically, it makes a big difference when a supervisor communicates their appreciation, as these survey results show.

Which of the following would make you feel most appreciated if you received a message from them? Select all that apply.

For some of our colleagues, quality time is a preferred language of appreciation. Showing appreciation through quality time means giving another person undivided attention. It sounds simple, but taking the time to meet and engage one-on-one can easily be overlooked. It's important to remember spending quality time contributes to mutual respect and appreciation.

This is how several UK employees expressed the need to be heard:

My managers care about me! They engage me in conversation, ask my opinion, and value my hard work.


Direct management needs to learn more about our day-to-day and stop assuming they know it. Once they really understand our work their well-intended word will be more sincere.


My department works together and involves everyone in decision making. Those on the ground, know how to get it done so it is important to involve them :)


Genuinely asking for input with acknowledgement that every voice counts regardless of position.