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Survey results

When events were canceled in spring 2020, including Appreciation Day from Staff Senate and Well-Being Week from HR, both event planning groups recognized this was an opportunity to create something new later in 2020.

Fall planning began with Staff Senate surveying all employees in May. The goal of the survey was to understand the ways in which our colleagues across the university already feel appreciated, the ways in which you might feel more appreciated, in addition to the role of events and topics of interest.

Of the approximately 15,000 employees surveyed, 1,079 responses were received.

Overall, results show that our colleagues:

  • Highly value words of appreciation and recognition for a job well done
  • View their direct supervisors as playing a large role in feeling appreciated
  • Value flexibility and inclusion
  • Value personal and professional development opportunities

Here are the survey results for each item analyzed:

Which of the following would make you feel most appreciated if you received a message from them? 

Which of the following ways would make you feel appreciated? 

What types of interactive videos or events would you like to see featured? Select all that apply.

What does the University or your department currently do that makes you feel appreciated?

These were the top themes:

  1. Thank you and recognition go a long way
  2. Supervisors and leaders are critical to employees feeling appreciated
  3. A positive culture in the department and connections with colleagues

Besides additional pay and benefits, how could the University and its departments do better in making you feel more appreciated?

These were the top themes:

  1. Food, gift cards, discounts, bonuses
  2. Thank you and recognition
  3. Continued or improved flexibility in regards to work-life balance
  4. Desire to be included and heard
  5. Training, development and mobility