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Where can I exercise wherever I am?

Walking is the least expensive form of physical activity, and you can do it anywhere! You don't need expensive equipment or special training — just a good pair of walking shoes. Walking is also a great two-in-one: physical activity and transportation. Consider how great it is to be able to get exercise in while you're at work, in your office or outdoors. You can walk on the go getting to an appointment, meeting, training, lunch, an event or the gym. All of that walking makes a difference to your health!

UK also has employee discounts which include ways to save on fitness programs, wearables and more. 

There are many other exercise opportunities. UK HR Health and Wellness does not manage them, but you can learn more on the websites listed below.

  1. Walk with a Doc - A walking program for everyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. While you walk at your own pace, you’ll have the opportunity to have questions answered by local physicians.
  2. Campus walking loops - You can choose one or more of these to get your steps in and enjoy campus! Click on a color on the map for the name and length of each loop.
  3. Campus tree walks - These walks exist to facilitate both stress reduction and mindfulness. You will find walks on and off campus. Some will even tell you what trees are on the walks!
  4. Healthplan discounts - You will find discounts on wearable devices, fitness programs, coaching programs and more. 
  5. Employee discounts - These discounts require linkblue credentials to sign in.
  6. Lexington trails - Lexington has parks and recreational areas with walking trails, paths and hiking trails.