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UK HR Elder Care and the UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging are partnering to bring you Dementia Caregivers Week

As part of Dementia Caregivers Week, the Virtual Dementia Tour *, a product of Second Wind Dreams, is a unique simulation that allows participants to experience what life might be like for someone living with Alzheimer’s Disease or other related dementias. The VDT allows you to experience for yourself the physical and cognitive challenges those with dementia face.

The VDT will take place at the Gaines Center for the Humanities, Commonwealth House, 2nd floor, 226 E. Maxwell St.

Note: This building is NOT handicap accessible.

This is a unique experience. Here is what prior attendees have said about the Virtual Dementia Tour:

“I had no idea.”
“Everyone on the planet needs to experience this!”
“Now I get it. It never ends for them and it’s my job to make people with dementia feel safe and secure as I can.”
“It’s the disease behaving badly, not the person.”

*Please note: This does not provide a diagnosis of whether someone has dementia or will develop dementia later in their life.

Two participants will go through the simulation at 15-minute intervals. Appointments for the tour are required and sessions are scheduled for the quarter-hour.
Parking is not provided. Please visit UK Transportation Services

Visitor Parking Options

  • ‘E Lot’ parking may be available if you have a Single-Day Permit (aka "Scratch-Off" Permit, cost is $6.50 per Permit).    
        a. Joe Craft ‘E Lot’ – directly behind the Gaines Center between Rose St and Lexington Ave.
        b. Linden Walk area ‘E Lots’ (between Euclid and Rose Lane)
              1. Helen King Alumni Center
              2. Stuckert Career Center
              3. William E. and Casiana Schmidt Vocal Arts Center. 
       c. The corner of High Street and Lexington Avenue ‘E Lot’
  • Gatton Student Center Lot (located on Avenue of Champions, next to the Gatton Student Center, cost is $2/hr.).
  • Street parking may be available along Lexington Avenue (cost is $2 /hour).


Tuesday, November 7, 2023

9:30am - 2:30pm