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Man using laptop for remote learning.

There’s no time like the present to learn new skills by taking on-demand, virtual or in-person courses through Human Resources Training & Development. Most of HR’s professional development and technology training courses are available virtually, and the department is beginning to offer in-person training again.

HR Training & Development offers many training opportunities, whether it’s required training for new supervisors, professional development skills to help with day-to-day job functions or technology training to increase software knowledge.

University SuperVision consists of 15 required courses for new-at-UK supervisors. The program is assigned to new supervisors in myUK learning. Per policy, they have 180 days from their date of hire to complete the program. Additionally, non-supervisors can prepare for future leadership opportunities by registering to take SuperVision courses through myUK Learning.

Professional development training is open to all UK employees who are interested in learning new skills. Topics include diversity, communication, professionalism and relationship building. For those who specifically want to brush up on software knowledge or master new programs, technology training courses are also regularly available. Topics include Microsoft Teams, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and more.

The full schedule for all training courses can be viewed on HR’s training calendar. To sign up for any course, log into myUK from the Chrome or Firefox browser. Tutorials and FAQs about myUK Learning can be found here.