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pongo resume builder

Pongo's online, self-guided resumé service is among the best we've seen. The Pongo website will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a world-class resumé that can help you stand out from other applicants. As a UK employee, you'll enjoy a free six-month membership absolutely free (resumés normally start around $120 and up, so this is a tremendous service provided to you by the University!

Click here to log in to our Pongo Portal -- use your UK linkblue ID and password to log in.

skill scan

Skillscan's self-assessment tools are of tremendous value for anyone considering a major career move! Complete the self-assessment in about 20 minutes gain more complete knowledge of your transferable skills and preferences, enabling you to create a career development plan or strategize your next career move. This highly valuable service is free for UK employees (normally a $14.95 value). These results will:

  • Clarify those skills that are critical to your personal and professional satisfaction.
  • Evaluate the compatibility of your strengths with your most recent or current career.
  • Explore appropriate work functions, career options and educational opportunities.
  • Hone in on appropriate skill development activities to give you a competitive edge.
  • Leverage your skills for marketing yourself.

Go to our Skillscan portal -- use your UK linkblue login and password to gain access.

interview mastery

Interview Mastery is the world's most widely used job interview program, used by 54,000 people in 73 countries. The program gives you multiple short video lessons that explain exactly how to handle the most stressful job interview situations. The program is unique among online resources and shows you step by step how you can excel before, during and after job interviews, so you confidently win a great new job.
This service offers some of the best guidance you'll find on answering the most difficult job interview questions, handling behavioral-event interview questions (like those commonly asked during UK interviews!), addressing tough questions and much more. The interview is one of the most important moments of your career, and we want you to be successful. After login you will see two courses. The full course contains 51 videos. The mini course contains 45 minutes encompassed by 8 short videos.

Visit our Interview Mastery portal