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The beginning of the year gives us another chance to focus on turning our resolutions into accomplishments. It provides a welcome new start and a chance to look back on both our successes and our challenges. It’s a time to reflect on what went well, what didn’t, and why.

Caregiving can be a source of deep personal satisfaction and, at the same time, one of the most stressful and difficult tasks you will encounter. I understand this as I was my father’s caregiver. I lived the challenges, burdens, and uncertainties that caregivers face every day. I understand the difficulties of juggling my own family and work responsibilities with the demands of caring for a parent who could not care for himself. Over the years, I have met hundreds of people like myself, who find themselves in a role that they did not anticipate or prepare for. At times feeling isolated, uncertain and sad. But always hopeful and resilient enough to adept, learn and help.  

Caregivers are the nucleus of our nations long-term care system. The options available in our society are expensive and can be difficult to understand. And during the search process, your loved one’s assets can deplete rapidly while sorting through the resources available.

Caregiving is ever-changing because your loved one is ever-changing at this point in his or her life. You’re never quite sure what the next day, week or month will bring. There’s not only a lifestyle adjustment but also a mental adjustment that you have to go through.

The Elder Care Office has some exciting events taking place this year to help you better understand what is possible and what is available. You need to learn what lies ahead as you prepare for your caregiving responsibilities in 2018. Please join us at our upcoming Lunch & Learn presentations, experience the Virtual Dementia Tour and/or make sure to save the date, November 30, for the 3rd Annual Senior Resource Fair, which will include a day-long workshop with Teepa Snow - a nationally recognized dementia care specialist.

Information is power. We want you to be empowered to understand the challenges ahead and how the UK Elder Care Office can help.