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The University of Kentucky employs more than 16,000 full-time regular staff and faculty. 
But when positions become open, it sometimes becomes necessary to fill a role immediately. That’s where STEPS temporary employment can help.  

Diana Pérez La Rotta is an Administrative Support Associate II for the College of Social Work and supports the hiring process within her college. She has posted about 30 positions through STEPS since joining the college a little over a year ago. 

“Our college has had a massive growth spurt within the last few years, and we are constantly hiring both temporary and regular positions to continue to map out our infrastructure,” Pérez La Rotta said. “The greatest benefit has been finding candidates who fit well within their role, our college and culture.”  

Some STEPS employees transition into full-time positions — either in their current or new roles — after successfully completing a STEPS assignment. 

“Since I have been with the college, I have transitioned three STEPS employees into full-time positions,” Pérez La Rotta said. “Moreover, a couple of our current positions are in talks of being crafted into permanent roles.”  

Pérez La Rotta expects to continue to utilize STEPS positions in the future as well.  

“With our college growing so rapidly, the demand for staff in various areas is high,” she said.  

It is the ease of getting positions filled through STEPS that Pérez La Rotta said makes it a great option for supervisors. 

“My favorite part is how easy their onboarding is,” she said. “I like being able to assign dedicated project managers/specialists to our various needs. We also strive to foster a culture of inclusiveness regardless of our types of employees. Giving space, acknowledgement and involvement to our STEPS employees the same as we do with regular staff is noticeably appreciated. Whether our STEPS employees are here for a short or long while, I like to ensure they feel a part of the workplace culture.”