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We have great news for employees with a health care flexible spending account or health savings account!

You can now use the debit card that comes with your FSA or HSA at all UK Retail Pharmacies and UK Retail Pharmacy Mail Order.

For quick reference, to request a prescription refill and for UKHC Pharmacy locations go to UK Retail Pharmacies. You can also reach any of the retail pharmacy locations by calling 833-333-UKRx (8579).

We still recommend you retain your prescription invoice for record-keeping and documentation purposes at least for one year. The good news is that you will no longer have to document your UK Retail Pharmacy purchase, as their system has been improved for your convenience. 

Also, at the point of purchase, it will be helpful to UK Retail Pharmacies to please let them know you are using your debit card for your FSA or HSA.

Thanks to UK Retail Pharmacies for their focus on customer service!