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We want to update you about our Business Procedures Certification Series.

This series, which helps employees keep up to date with university business processes, has been a very successful and popular training series.

We have decided to pause new entrants into the program for six months while we evaluate our curriculum and consider the series in the context of our Finance and Administration Specialized Training.

We will continue to support all employees currently taking courses who are still within their two-year window to complete the series.

If you have any questions, please email

About the program

Whether you're a new or seasoned employee at the University of Kentucky, keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date with the University business processes is essential. The university has committed critical training resources in support of employees who deal with university business to effectively and efficiently administer university operations; keep reliable financial records; produce accurate reports; comply with university policies, procedures, laws and regulations; and safeguard university assets.

The Office of Finance and Administration, in cooperation with Human Resources, University Financial Services, Budget Office, Office of Legal Counsel, Internal Audit Office and Enterprise Applications, created a University Business Procedures Certifications Series, which is offered to University of Kentucky regular full-time and regular part-time employees. (See eligibility requirements below.)

Certifications offered

There are three certifications offered:  Finance, Human Resources, and Student Lifecycle Management.  

Tell me more about the certification series

The certification curriculum is a comprehensive offering in the following subject areas: SAP (Financial, Human Resources, and Student Lifecycle Management), Office of the Controller and Treasurer, HR Technology Training, HR Professional Development, Legal Office, Internal Audit, UK ITS, and Purchasing. The courses are offered in a variety of venues, from instructor-led training classes to online courses available 24/7. It is a self-paced series that must be completed within two years of acceptance into the certification series.

Mandatory courses

For each certification, there are mandatory courses that must be completed along with a set minimum number of required electives (see curriculum link or right side of page for more information).

Benefits of participation in the certification program

  • To learn more of the SAP system functionality
  • To round out your knowledge and learning experiences with courses in SAP, Technology Training and Professional Development
  • To be certified in as many as three subject areas: Finances, Human Resources and Student Lifecycle Management

Overall process

Once you have applied, your application will be audited to check eligibility and to indicate the completed courses based on the course audit guidelines below. Upon acceptance, you will receive a curriculum document via email that outlines what courses you need to take to successfully complete the certification(s) for which you are applying and your next steps. Once all of the mandatory training requirements are met, you will scan your curriculum document and send it to  Your training records will be reviewed, and you will receive a reply with further information. A ceremony will be held twice per year where you will receive your certificate(s).

Eligibility to enroll in the series

University of Kentucky Regular Full-time and Regular Part-time employees (Personnel Subareas 0001-0005):

  1. Who currently have active SAP access; or
  2. Who will prospectively be authorized to have access to SAP, as a condition of new employment or through a promotion from within the University.  A current, approved SAP Access Request Form must be on file.  Ask your immediate supervisor whether you will need access to complete your major job responsibilities.

The need to access SAP in order to complete major job responsibilities is the key to be eligible to enroll in the certification series.

This certification series is NOT intended to be a certification series for all University employees, only those regular full-time and regular part-time employees who meet one of the two criteria for eligibility outlined above.

Course audit guidelines

In order to receive credit for an SAP course, the course must be listed in your training records as having been successfully completed no more than two years prior to your application submission date; OR you must either currently have the course’s associated access or have had the access sometime within the six months prior to your application submission date.

In order to receive credit for any non-SAP course, the course must be listed in your training records as having been successfully completed no more than two years prior to your application submission date.

How to apply for the certification series

If you are interested in learning more about this series once we resume accepting applications, please click here and complete the form. 


Please Note: Although the certifications have the potential to enhance your employability at UK, completion of one or more certifications DOES NOT mean an employee has a “promise” of job promotion or pay increase having completed the training. It simply means you have added more skills and knowledge to your portfolio.  The certifications being sponsored by this series are meant for the benefit of the University workplace and have no other significance outside of this University.

Weather statement

Please follow the University Emergencies Policy.  (Human Resources Policy and Procedure Number 71.0)

Certification Series Contact Information:

Program Coordinators:
Brad Kreager

Jamie Stephens