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5 months ago Retirement health benefits

UK Student Center Harris Ballroom

1 year ago Elder Care presentation on having a person-centered approach to understanding dementia

A Person-centered Approach to Dementia Care

Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes - Sanders Brown Center on Aging

2 years ago Real Talk with Work-Life Therapists

Real Talk with Work-Life Therapists, Topic: Parenting

1 year ago Work-Life presentation on music and the gift of presence

Music is an important (but often underappreciated) source of self-care and wellness.

9 months ago Work-Life workshop on Self-care Strategies for Everyday Living

This workshop focuses on activities to help you peel back the onion of self, to listen deeply to what your heart needs, to bring yourself int

1 year ago Panel on prep tips for expectant parents

As you prepare for parenthood, you may have a lot on your mind.

1 month ago Work-life workshop on emotional eating: Why it happens and how to curb it

Finding comfort in food is common, and it is a part of a cycle called emotional eating.