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2 months ago Workshop on managing grief and loss with children

Let's talk about what grief in children and teens might look like.

1 month ago Expectant and New Parents Panel: Tips to Thrive

Summary: As a new or expectant parent, you may have a lot on your mind and a lot of adjustments to make for you and your baby.

1 month ago Tips for Choosing the Right Summer Camp

2 weeks ago Workshop on summer planning and safety tips

Summer is coming. Are you ready to keep your children safe and engaged? Do your plans include summer safety?

2 years ago Working Parents Group - Back to School Expectations

TOPIC: Managing new Back to School expectations (children- parents anxiety)
SPEAKER: Rhonda Henry, CSW, Work-Life Therapist

7 months ago Thriving Thursdays: Family disaster preparedness tips

Join us to hear about some helpful guides and resources for preparing your family for the worst case scenario.

5 months ago Work-life workshop on family finance: Being a smart consumer on and offline

Consumer fraud in Kentucky has increased over 300% over the past year.