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10 months ago Tips for Choosing the Right Summer Camp

9 months ago Workshop on summer planning and safety tips

Summer is coming. Are you ready to keep your children safe and engaged? Do your plans include summer safety?

3 years ago Working Parents Group - Back to School Expectations

TOPIC: Managing new Back to School expectations (children- parents anxiety)
SPEAKER: Rhonda Henry, CSW, Work-Life Therapist

5 months ago Working parents workshop on advocating for your child in education

Do you have questions about how to advocate for your child in the school system, work effectively with their teacher, connect with administra

1 year ago Thriving Thursdays: Family disaster preparedness tips

Join us to hear about some helpful guides and resources for preparing your family for the worst case scenario.

4 months ago Working parents workshop on ADHD/ADD Basics and Strategies to support your child

1 year ago Work-life workshop on family finance: Being a smart consumer on and offline

Consumer fraud in Kentucky has increased over 300% over the past year.