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May 15 Strategies for Supervisors to Support the Working Caregiver

1 month ago Elder care presentation on advances in understanding and treating Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, or any other type of dementia can be challenging.

2 years ago Palliative versus hospice care with Bluegrass Care Navigators

You have probably heard the terms "hospice care" and "palliative care," but how do they differ?

2 years ago Presentation on sensory systems and dementia

Over time, the five senses can change for a person living with dementia.

1 year ago Elder caregiving presentation on Medicaid facts

Medicaid is a state-operated and federally aided program that provides medical coverage, rehabilitation and long-term care for low-income sen

1 year ago Elder care presentation on promoting medication adherence

Presenter: Lynne Eckmann, PharmD - Director of Home Connection Program, Wheeler Pharmacy

1 year ago Elder care presentation on professional guardianship

Presenter: Amy Dougherty, Elder Law Attorney, Bluegrass ElderLaw