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If you read Amy Rodquist-Kodet’s post about completing our body’s stress response cycle to fend off burnout, then you’ll find six evidence-based ways Drs. Emily and Amelia Nagoski, authors of “Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle,” identify to complete the stress cycle. In their book, these sisters thoroughly explain how stress cannot leave the body without an outlet.

One of these ways is, you guessed it, physical activity! Physical activity is not just going to the gym, though that might be an outlet you enjoy and choose to do. It could also include walking or jogging, dancing, playing with your kids or grandkids, swimming, hiking or many more ways. The important point is that you move and you keep moving.

The UK HR Health and Wellness MoveWell program wants to make sure you have every opportunity to be active—no matter if you are working on-site, from home, inside, or outside. 

We also want to make sure you can exercise safely. You can use the following guidelines to safely take your workout outside:

  • Know when to go. In the cold months, try exercising when the sun is up and the temperature is warmer. Don’t forget your sunscreen!
  • Know what to wear. Layer clothing according to the weather. Wicking layers work best closer to the skin, with an insulating layer above for colder weather and a waterproof layer on top when it is raining or snowing.
  • Know what to use. Try using things you can find anywhere, such as trees for pull-ups, park benches for dips, curbs for step-ups, and the grass for crunches.
  • Know when to drink. For a workout that is 90 minutes or less, drink 16-20 ounces of water, 2-3 hours before exercising, and another 8-10 ounces before starting. It is also recommended to drink approximately 8 ounces every 10-20 minutes while exercising, depending on the intensity and conditions.
  • Know who to take. Exercising with your family and friends can help boost morale, keep you accountable and fulfill our need to connect with others. Be sure to wear a mask or distance yourself 6 feet when you're with those not in your household.
  • Know where to go. Playgrounds make great outdoor gyms! Use the swings like a TRX, monkey bars for pull-ups, and slides for decline bench curl-ups. Some parks have even incorporated dedicated outdoor exercise equipment.  

If you’re looking for a creative and cheap way to exercise at home, you can check out this video from MoveWell explaining how you can use a laundry jug, or any other heavy household equipment, to strengthen the body.

Feel like you need more personalized guidance? Try a free virtual consult with one of our fitness specialists.