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As humans, we are quite good at overcomplicating things. I suppose a lot of this can be attributed to all the choices the modern world provides us. And that is surely a blessing. But when you’re at the grocery store, staring down an aisle of yogurt and trying to decide which one to buy, it is easy to forget that choices are nice. Do I get the one with higher protein? Do I look for less sugar? Greek or regular? It’s no wonder healthful eating feels impossible to many of us.
What if I told you that what we know about healthful eating isn’t changing as quickly as it seems? In fact, the basics have been known to us for a while and aren’t likely to change any time soon (although every magazine cover and news program will try to convince you otherwise.) There is an entire industry that exists to make us doubt this basic knowledge and doubt our instincts. But do not be fooled.
Simplicity is defined as “the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.” While I do not assert that healthful eating is easy to do, its principles are easy to understand. So instead of continuing to debate the meaning of healthful eating, let’s move ahead with the work of putting it into practice. To get started, check out our 2-minute video below for how to “Get Back to Basics” with healthful eating.