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Nothing says “I appreciate you” more than showing someone that you care. That’s why, as a supervisor, one important way you can show that you care is by supporting your employees in their well-being.

Try any or all of these four ideas to create a positive work environment. Showing you care about each of your team members' well-being can have such a great impact on their lives.

1. Tell them about the many well-being services and benefits they have as UK employees

From fitness to nutrition to mindfulness and overall resilience, there's a variety of options. If you need a refresher, explore this well-being benefits overview and our events calendar to see what's coming up. Your employees might need a refresher too. Consider highlighting these offerings as an agenda item for a team meeting.

2. Encourage them to participate in employee well-being offerings

Do your team members know they have your support to participate in a morning mindfulness break if they're interested? Make your support known. In addition to directly communicating your support, sharing your own participation furthers this message. If you participate in MoveWell Rewards, for example, invite your team members to join you.

3. Be flexible with their schedule to allow them to take part

When possible, offering a little flexibility goes a long way.

4. Bring a well-being session to them

Our in-house team of health coaches, dietitians, exercise and more specialists are ready to connect with your team. We offer a range of session options that we've successfully delivered to groups across the university. You can also request a speaker and we'll design a session just for you, whether you're interested in a hands-on workshop, a presentation or an experience.