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Recognizing your team members for their contributions boosts morale. You can use our University of Kentucky recognition card templates in two ways:

  1. Download the printable cards, print out (heavy paper or card stock is best) and trim along the dotted lines. You can put a handwritten message on the back.
  2. Download one (or more!) of the electronic templates below to your computer. Open and personalize with your message on the "back" of the card. Then, save and send to your team member as an email attachment.

At a loss for what to say? The best appreciation messages are from the heart. Whether the card is from a supervisor to employee, employee to supervisor or one coworker to another, simply say what you appreciate and why. Even a short message can make a big impact.

Supervisors, you could start this practice yourself and then encourage others to keep it up. After you give your cards to your team, make sure your staff knows where to find them so they can start recognizing their colleagues.