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That's one message we heard in our recent survey about appreciation that Staff Senate conducted in May 2020, among many similar ones.

Quick ways of recognizing contributions can be more meaningful than you might think. A top theme in the survey results showed our colleagues want to receive more thank yous. These simple words of affirmation are one of 5 appreciation languages, and it's important to remember we all different have preferences for giving and receiving appreciation.

Whether through words of affirmation like "thank you" or another way of showing appreciation, regular appreciation at all levels matters — from supervisors to their employees and the other way around.

Here are several quotes from employees across the university who shared feedback about being thanked.

Just by saying thank you.


A simple thank you, either electronic, handwritten or verbal goes a long way with me.


Thank us - as individuals or as a unit - not just a thank you during nurses week, but year round.


The staff in my department are the most wildly talented group that I have ever worked with in my career. A simple thank you goes a long way and they are always grateful for my assistance and relay their sentiments openly. I'm proud to be on their team.