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We all face challenges and stress in the various areas and stages of our lives. How can we become more resilient and grow from these experiences?

A new podcast

Introducing Becoming Wildly Resilient, a new podcast series from the University of Kentucky Human Resources Health and Wellness.

Join us through this series as we discover how you can thrive at work, home and beyond. Hosted by Jakob W. Hester, a wellness specialist, each episode will explore a different well-being topic through conversations with experts from our university community. You will learn how to increase your resilience by improving your physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and financial health.

First episode

In the first episode, “Living Truthfully,” Jakob speaks with Jackie Hanson, a certified health coach, KORU mindfulness teacher, yoga instructor and tobacco cessation specialist with UK HR Health and Wellness. They discuss the common desire for a return to "normal;" the tendency to glamorize the past and how that can be problematic; and what you can do when you find yourself in one of these situations.

Listen now

The first episode is available now. You can listen and subscribe to future episodes wherever you find your podcasts. New episodes will be released on the second Tuesday of every month and be approximately 20 to 30 minutes in length. Find previous episodes, show notes and links here.

Connect with us

For questions or suggestions for future episode topics, email or connect with UK HR Health and Wellness on social media by searching @ukywellness. To learn more about the UK HR Health and Wellness programs and benefits available to University of Kentucky employees, retirees and their spouses, visit