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We've created videos under 10-minutes, trivia slides, a mindfulness meditation and more tools to support moving forward with well-being at work during this time of flux.

These are all designed to do with a group. Whether over email, Zoom or Teams, a meeting either in-person or online, or another way you all connect, find a way to share at least one of these resources. 

Man doing yoga while using a chair

Loosen up: A short chair yoga routine

Gathered together in-person or virtually? Either way, consider adding this video to the beginning or end of meetings, or set up a break-time activity with your co-workers.

Man sitting down and journaling

Video guide to discover and live your values

Use our worksheet with a companion video to explore what matters most to you. This is a great 30-minute activity to sub in for a change of pace during a recurring meeting or a separate break-time activity.  

Giving a thumbs up during an online meeting

Connecting with colleagues and giving praise

Make a co-worker's day by sharing your appreciation with them online. Choose from several online tools designed to help you cultivate a culture of appreciation in your area. 

Working at a laptop with a dog for comfort

Collecting "ordinary jewels"

Who couldn't use a bit of brain rewiring for happiness these days? Learn this tip from positive psychology in less than 10 minutes.

Contemplating what's next while sitting on a couch

Guided meditation for what's next

Invite your colleagues to take a few moments to tune in during this time of transition with an 8-minute mindfulness practice. Great for starting or ending a meeting for something refreshingly different. 

Trivia title card styled in the Jeopardy font

Trivia for fun team building

Playing trivia as a group is a great way to take a break and have fun together, especially while some co-workers work on-site and others work remotely.