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Hi everyone! The Lazy Dietitian is back with another mind-blowingly simple meal you can get on the table in about 10 minutes. Be sure to check out my new stir fry video and recipe!
I suspect that some readers may look at this recipe and think “Precooked chicken? Bottled stir fry sauce? Are those really okay to use?” If those are convenient shortcut items that will help you prepare more food at home with less stress, then by all means you should feel empowered to use them. The Lazy Dietitian is all about dispelling the myth that eating well needs to be fussy or time-consuming. So what if you didn’t cook your own chicken or cut up your own vegetables or make your own sauce? Maybe this recipe kept you from going to the fast-food drive thru because you knew you had something super simple you could make at home. That is a win! But we tend to discount this kind of meal because it seems too easy, and you think you need to be putting in more effort. This is the message we have been trained to believe about eating well, but it is simply not true.

If you are a more advanced cook or are in a place where you can and want to do more of your own prep work, then go for it! You can cook some chicken or use fresh vegetables or make your own sauce. But the point is, there are options. Eating well is not an all-or-nothing proposition. It has a lot of grey area in which you can experiment to discover what works best for your personal preferences and lifestyle. Let’s abandon the myth of perfection and focus on progress. That is where the magic happens!

And, if you downloaded my Lazy Dietitian Food Guide last time, please download it again. I've made some updates!