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Revision date of this archived policy: July 11, 2002

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81.1 Policy
  81.1.1 Any regular full-time or half-time staff employee, separating from employment with the University, shall be eligible to receive compensation for accumulated vacation leave which is unused at the date of separation, based on this policy.
  81.1.2 The staff employee must have completed new regular staff employee orientation.
  81.1.3 The date of separation is the last day the employee actually worked, even if terminal vacation pay is granted.
  81.1.4 The staff employee must separate either (a) “in good standing,” i.e., advance notice of two (2) weeks for a nonexempt employee or four (4) weeks for an exempt employee, or (b) involuntarily, other than for reasons stated in HRP&P 12.1.3 and 12.1.4 when the department head, in consultation with the Director of Human Resource Services, or designee, determines the reason in HRP&P 12.1.4 to be misconduct.
  81.1.5 Terminal vacation pay will be paid in the event of death of a staff employee in accordance with 81.1.6.
  81.1.6 The eligible staff employee will receive terminal vacation pay in the amount equal to the current balance of vacation leave as of the date of separation. This amount shall not exceed one (1) year of the employee’s annual leave allowance.
81.2 Delegation
  The responsibility for administering this policy is delegated to the department head based on departmental records and determinations complying with the criteria stated in 81.1.1 within this policy. The Director of Human Resource Services, or designee, retains the authority to review and approve or deny terminal vacation pay.
81.3 Procedure
  81.3.1 The department is responsible for determining terminal vacation pay pursuant to this policy and for entering the correct time to be paid into the Human Resources System.
  81.3.2 The completed Employee Separation Sheet shall indicate the amount of vacation time that has been entered into the Human Resources System as terminal vacation pay (see HRP&P 12.0).