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Revision date of this archived policy: July 11, 2002

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85.1 Policy
A regular staff employee may be authorized special leave from University employment for reasons other than those normally provided by policies within this Human Resources Administrative Regulation. The primary consideration for authorizing such special leave shall be that it serves the best interest of the University of Kentucky. 
  85.1.1 Special leaves may include leaves for reasons such as necessary additional education, care of a relative in the immediate family (provided temporary disability leave or FMLA is not applicable), attendance at a professional meeting, or service temporarily with an outside agency. Other special leaves may be considered, as requested, whenever unusual circumstances exist not otherwise provided in these policies. Upon written request, a special leave without pay for a reasonable period not to exceed six (6) weeks shall be granted to an employee when the reception of an adoptive child under the age of seven (7) is the reason for such request.
NOTE: Accrued temporary disability leave may be applicable for some of this reasonable period for adoptive parent leave (see HRP&P 82.1.15 or HRP&P 82.1.16). For leave with pay when receiving an adoptive child, an employee may request vacation leave (see HRP&P 80.0). Family and Medical Leave Act may also be applicable (see HRP&P 88.0).
  85.1.2 The Senior Vice President for Administration or, for individuals on an academic appointment, the Provost or the Senior Vice President and Chancellor for the Medical Center may grant special leaves of absence with pay for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days for the purpose of permitting an appointee to attend a professional meeting, serve temporarily with an outside agency, serve in the military forces of the United States, or for other good cause. Such leaves of absence with pay for more than thirty (30) days must be approved by the Board of Trustees.
  85.1.3 Upon the recommendation of the appropriate administrative officers and approval of the President, Provost, the Senior Vice President and Chancellor for the Medical Center or the Senior Vice President for Administration, a member of the faculty or staff may be given a leave of absence without pay. Ordinarily such leave shall not be granted for a period in excess of one year (12 months). However, such leave may be extended on application and approval by the appropriate administrative officers. The best interests of the University shall be a major consideration in granting an extension of any such leave.
  85.1.4 All special leaves shall be requested and approved in advance of the leave being taken.
  85.1.5 All special leaves will count as continuous service for benefits purposes except where otherwise provided by regulation.
  85.1.6 Any employee taking leave under this policy shall first take any applicable paid leave and then shall be placed on a leave without pay.
85.2 Delegation
  85.2.1 The department head is responsible for receiving and evaluating requests for special leaves and for forwarding these requests, accompanied by a memorandum with the department head's recommendation, to the appropriate University official.
85.3 Procedure
  85.3.1 The department head may recommend a special leave by contacting the Director of Human Resource Services, or designee, and submitting the appropriate documentation.
  85.3.2 The Director for Human Resource Services, or designee, shall forward requests for special leave to the Provost, the appropriate senior vice president, or the President, for a decision.
  85.3.3 If the request is for a special leave with pay for more than thirty (30) days, and if the request is approved by the President, the request shall be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  85.3.4 The department head shall notify the affected staff employee of the decision for special leave.
  85.3.5 Upon commencement and return from a special leave, the department head shall submit a PAR indicating the type of special leave and information regarding vacation or temporary disability leave and other benefits of length of service as applicable.