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Revision date of this archived policy: April 1, 1990

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83.1 Policy
  The University recognizes the following legal holidays to be observed by the closing of all departments and offices except where continuous service is essential: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Presidential Election Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
  83.1.1 When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the Friday immediately before shall be observed as a holiday. When a holiday falls on a Sunday, the immediate following Monday shall be observed as a holiday.
  83.1.2 Any regular full-time or half-time staff employee is entitled to regular pay on a holiday. A regular half-time staff employee is credited for the hours of a holiday in an amount directly proportionate to the amount received by a full-time staff employee. In the case where the regular half-time employee is not scheduled to work on a holiday, the pro rata percentage of part-time hours to full-time hours shall be calculated on an annualized basis. The principle governing pro rata percentages under this policy is to provide, within reasonable limits, an equitable allocation of holiday hours for an eligible employee who is not full-time but who works half-time or more. When a staff employee is scheduled to work on a holiday which falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the Saturday or Sunday scheduled shall be considered the holiday for purposes of granting equivalent time off.
  83.1.3 When a regular full-time staff employee is required to work or is normally scheduled off on any University holiday, equivalent time-off with pay shall be granted on another scheduled work day, within a specified period of six (6) weeks at the convenience of the department. For departments with special scheduling and staffing problems, an extension of this six (6) weeks period may be requested and approved by the sector personnel office. The department shall grant the time off with pay for the holiday; the department does not have the option to pay the employee for the hours at the regular hourly rate or time-and-a-half rate, if overtime is applicable, in lieu of the time off with pay.
NOTE: For the 0900 series of employees, the department, with prior approval of the Medical Center chief personel officer, has the option to grant an employee the holiday or to pay the employee for hours an appropriate rate of pay.
  83.1.4 A staff employee who is in a no pay status on a scheduled day immediately before and/or after a holiday shall not be paid for the holiday.
  83.1.5 A staff employee on authorized vacation leave shall not be charged vacation leave for a holiday which occurs while the employee is on vacation leave.
  83.1.6 Special holidays may be granted by action of the Board of Trustees or the President as may be deemed appropriate. The special holidays, if granted, shall be taken in accordance with a schedule as arranged by the various departments within the period of time as outlined by the President of the University. A department with special scheduling and staffing problems may schedule the special holidays at the department's convenience, as close to the holidays as possible, but preferably within six (6) weeks. Scheduling the special holidays in this manner shall permit a sufficient degree of flexibility in keeping the departmental operations, as well as allowing for individual preference in taking time off. A department may request and have approved by the sector personnel office an extension of this six (6) weeks period. The department has the option either to grant the employee time off with pay for the holidays or to pay an employee the applicable rate of pay for the holiday time (i.e., regular hourly rate or time-and-a-half rate if overtime is applicable). Only a regular full-time or half-time staff employee who is employed prior to the cut-off date established by the President shall be eligible for the special holidays. Special holidays shall be given to an employee who retires from the University under usual retirement regulations during special holiday periods.
  83.1.7 Department heads are encouraged to be sensitive to the importance of official religious holidays to employees. Every effort should be made to allow an employee to observe official religious holidays. Possible alternatives for accommodating an employee's religious holiday might be to allow an employee to substitute one of the "traditional" holidays (see 83.1) for a religious holiday (assuming this arrangement is compatible with the department's operating schedule), or to grant the employee an accrued vacation day. If all accrued vacation is exhausted, a department head may consider recommending a leave without pay.