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Revision date of this archived policy: July 11, 2002

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86.1 Policy
The University establishes certain regular full-time staff positions which have scheduled periods during each year when employees do not work. These positions are called “flex leave positions.” Employees in these positions work full-time at least nine (9) months but less than twelve (12) months per year. 
  86.1.1 The employee in a flex leave position is considered as a regular full-time employee for human resources policy purposes. During non-scheduled periods of work, the employee in a flex leave position is considered to be on leave and is not eligible for unemployment compensation. During the non-scheduled periods of work, the employee is covered by the University’s long-term disability plan.
  86.1.2 Vacation and temporary disability leaves do not accrue during flex leave. The original date of employment or service date is not affected by flex leave. If the employee does not give proper notice at the end of the flex leave, the separation shall not be considered as in good standing. Participation in insurance plans will continue during the flex leave under the same conditions in effect during the year when the employee is working, e. g. the University continues to pay the health credit and the premium for the basic life insurance policy. The employee is responsible for paying any premiums for optional life insurance, for accidental death and dismemberment, for any additional premiums for any health plan beyond the health credit and for any voluntary benefits in which the employee is participating. Other benefits and/or privileges afforded employees during regular employment continue during flex leaves. During flex leaves, the employee is permitted to work in a temporary position provided the temporary employment ends prior to the end of the flex leave. During flex leave, the employee is eligible to seek and secure a transfer within the University; however, the flex leave will not be counted as time of service within the current position. Any flex leave time will not be counted when calculating experience toward qualifying for another job. Flex leave is not counted toward completion of any orientation or corrective period. Flex leave shall count towards completion of the service period for any benefits service period required for benefit eligibility. In the event the eligibility period is completed during the flex leave, the eligibility does not begin until the commencement of full-time work. An employee normally on flex leave and desiring transfer to a twelve (12)-month position may be laterally transferred within the department at any time during the year at the discretion of the department head.
86.2 Delegation
  86.2.1 The establishment of flex leave positions shall be approved by the Provost or the appropriate vice president or other comparable administrator and the Director of Human Resource Services, or designee, only when a flex leave position is in the best interest of the University.
86.3 Procedure 
  86.3.1 Prior to the commencement of a flex leave, the department head shall complete a Flex Leave Form which may be obtained from the department’s business office or on-line at the University forms site (
  86.3.2 The completed Flex Leave Form shall be signed by the employee. The Flex Leave Form and an appropriately completed PAR shall be forwarded to the department’s business office for approval and processing.
  86.3.3 Upon approval by the department, three (3) copies of the Flex Leave Form shall be forwarded as follows: to Payroll in the Office of the Controller and Treasurer and to the Compensation and Employee Benefits Offices in human resources.
  86.3.4 Employees on flex leave are responsible for contacting the Employee Benefits Office to arrange for payment of premiums that are due during flex leave.
86.4 Forms 
  86.4.1 Flex Leave Form