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Revision date of this archived policy: August 15, 2006

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To define the University’s work force.

The University’s work force consists of faculty, staff and student employees.


1) Staff employees are any employees of the University of Kentucky except

  1. Faculty who hold an academic rank of instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor or other rank that is equivalent to one of these recognized ranks in the University System and whose primary [i.e., more than 50%] assignments are in teaching, research, and/or public service as defined in University Governing Regulations, Part VII.A.2 and University Administrative Regulations, AR II-1.0-1and AR II-5.0-2;

    Note: If a faculty member occupies a position with administrative duties more than 50%, the position is considered a staff position.

  2. Postdoctoral scholars and postdoctoral fellows as defined in AR II-4.0-1;
  3. Residents and clinical fellows as defined in AR II-7.0-7;
  4. Teaching and research assistants as defined in AR II-1.0-7 (teaching and research assistants may have dual status, i.e., that of staff and that of student);
  5. Lecturers as defined in AR II-1.0-1.

2) Staff employees are either regular or temporary. All staff employment is at will.

  1. Regular staff employees are in positions which are funded on a recurring basis or are expected to be funded for one year or longer and have an employment period of at least nine months.
  2. Temporary staff employees are in positions designated as temporary or in a regular staff position on a temporary basis.

3) Regular and temporary staff employees are defined by the number of hours worked in a normal work week.

  1. Full-time staff employees are normally scheduled to work one hundred percent (100%) or more of the units normal work week.

    Note:  Benefits eligibility for regular employees is determined by full-time equivalency (FTE).  Employees with a FTE of 0.75 or greater are eligible to receive the University's health plan credit and retirement match (10%), Employee Education Program, Long-Term Disability Program, and Basic Life Insurance.  Regular employees with a FTE of 0.5 or greater may receive University paid leave benefits.

  2. Part-time staff employees normally work less than one hundred percent (100%) of the unit’s normal work week.

4) Employees whose primary, official status is that of a student is a student employee. Student employees are temporary employees.

5) Definition

"Full-time Equivalent" (FTE) indicates the portion or percentage of an employee's work schedule. Ex. 1.0 FTE = 100%, 0.75 FTE = 75%, 0.5 FTE = 50%, etc.


Human Resources establishes employment status in accordance with Human Resources Policy and Procedure, University Governing Regulations and University Administrative Regulations.