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Revision date of this archived policy: July 11, 2002

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90.1 Policy
  The University provides benefits programs for employees and their immediate dependents. The University attempts to provide plans that offer the best benefits at a reasonable cost to employees.
  90.1.1 The cost of most University benefits plans is determined by the University's own group experience, and therefore, premiums are determined by the claims paid on behalf of University group members.
  90.1.2 The plans and programs described in the following policies (Numbers 91.0 - 96.0) are governed by the applicable contracts. Official actions of the Board of Trustees and the contracts with external companies shall prevail over the terms of these policies (Numbers 91.0-96.0). Each plan’s certificate of coverage or current plan document governs that benefit plan. Additional information may be provided in brochures. Contracts, certificates of coverage, summary plan descriptions, and plan documents prevail over all other information. Governing Regulations and Administrative Regulations prevail over brochure information. The terms of the Long Term Disability Plan, the Supplemental Long Term Disability Plan, and the Long Term Disability Employee Benefits Trust Agreement prevail over any statements in HRP&P 95.0: Long Term Total Disability Program. Information about retirement is found in the University of Kentucky Retirement Plan (see AR II-1.6).
  90.1.3 The University reserves the absolute right to seek quotations or competitive bids, to modify or change, and to abolish or consolidate any of these programs and plans, or any portion thereof, as deemed appropriate and in the best interests of the University and its employees. Any financial commitment made by the University to the benefits programs must be in accordance with availability of supporting resources.
  90.1.4 With the exception of life insurance, these policies apply primarily to University employees who are not covered by the United States Civil Service benefits package.
  90.1.5 A staff employee transferring from one department to another shall carry into the new department previously accumulated vacation and temporary disability leaves. Benefit plans and programs are governed by the classification of the new position (see HRP&P 80.0 & 82.0).
90.2 Delegation
  Administration of all of these policies is a function of the Employee Benefits Office of Human Resource Services.