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EMDR is an evidence-based therapy that helps people heal from traumatic and overwhelming experiences. If you are experiencing fear, terror, overwhelming shock, guilt or grief related to COVID-19, the mental health therapist team is now offering EMDR for all UK employees to assist with recent traumatic events and/or prepare for ongoing therapy intervention.

You may also need additional support with managing emotions and physical body sensations that can result from experiencing something traumatic or outside the realm of "normal." Please contact mental health therapist if you are having a strong reaction with frequent or recurring thoughts that interrupt your daily life and believe you can benefit from therapy. These thoughts may include:

  • "I'm afraid I will get the virus or I have COVID-19."
  • "I am responsible for infecting my family members."
  • "I am afraid I will infect someone and be responsible for their death."

Each of us will have a range of emotions and responses as we continue to move through experiences that are outside of our regular, "normal" life. If you are experiencing any of the above emotions, recurring thoughts, or responses, EMDR and therapeutic procedures such as Instant Stabilization Procedure (ISP) could help you feel calmer and improve overall well-being.

Please call the mental health therapists office at 859-257-8763 to make an appointment or schedule an appointment with Cindy Bowling, LCSW.