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Note to Managers and Supervisors Regarding Unemployment Address and Forwarding of Unemployment Correspondence: As a result of several factors, unemployment claims-related correspondence is in many cases being misdirected to individual departments rather than to the University of Kentucky Unemployment office at 109 Scovell Hall. Because of strict time requirements for response to Unemployment issues, this may result in unnecessary costs to the University (up to $9,490 per claim). Please do not respond directly to written or verbal claim-related inquiries - refer such matters to UK Unemployment (see details below).

How You Can Help the University Expedite Unemployment Claims

We need your help to address this matter in the following ways:

#1: You can help ensure proper processing of claims by directing separated employees to use the address of UK Unemployment (see below) as the last/former employer on all unemployment claim forms (rather than list specific department work address).

University of Kentucky Human Resources
109 Scovell Hall
Lexington, KY 40506

Currently, a significant number of employees list a former campus work address or specific department, which may lead to delays in processing. Because the HR Unemployment office represents all UK departments during the state claims process, such misdirected documents can delay response to claims inquiries and prove costly to the University.

#2: In the event you (or your department) receive state unemployment correspondence and/or requests for information on separated employees directly from the state, it is vital that you immediately contact the UK Unemployment office directly. We ask that you do not respond directly to written or verbal claim-related inquiries from claimants, claimants' attorneys or representatives of the state. Instead, refer calls or fax written documents immediately to UK Unemployment:

Please call or refer inquiries to UK Unemployment at (859) 257-9189.
Fax unemployment-related correspondence or other items from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, claimant or claimants' attorneys immediately to Jeaune Hadl, UK Unemployment at (859) 323-1075. Do NOT send unemployment claims information via campus "snail mail."

By routing critical information to the UK Unemployment office, you will help us respond to state unemployment inquiries as rapidly as possible. In the last calendar year, the University saved approximately $2.8 million in potential claims costs. We appreciate your support of this cost containment effort.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. If you have questions, please contact Jeaune Hadl at (859) 257-9189 or at


For general unemployment questions, contact the UK Human Resources Office of Unemployment.


Jeaune Hadl-Butler UK HR Unemployment Manager

College or Department
Human Resources
Phone Number
(859) 257-9189 phone
Fax Number
(859) 323-1075 fax
Email Address