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Can anyone enter working time or leave requests online?

  • Online working time entry is available for all non-exempt employees and students who are not currently using the KRONOS time system, are not a STEPS employees, and are not work study students.
  • Online leave requests are available for all regular non-exempt AND exempt employees who are not currently using the KRONOS time system. Regular faculty may enter vacation and professional leave/ travel using online leave requests.
  • When can my employees start using this tool?

Coordinate with your department time administrator to determine a date when all employees in your area will start using the online time/leave request tool. It is available to use beginning May 19, 2013.

My department currently uses KRONOS for time entry. Can we use this instead?

No. KRONOS users should not use the online time/leave request tool. They should continue using KRONOS.

How does this work?

Please see the user guides and instructional videos for directions on using this tool.

My employee informed me that the person listed as their supervisor on the leave request is wrong. How can I change this?

Please visit

Do I need to approve leave requests for every holiday?

Yes. All employees should submit online leave requests, and supervisors will need to approve these.

How do I know my employee has enough quota to request leave?

Leave requests cannot be submitted online by employees without quota being available to use. You can also check employee quota availability by clicking the hours link on the leave request during the approval process. 

Can employees submit leave requests for dates in the past?

Yes. Employees can submit leave requests in the past, after they have taken time off from work. For example, if an employee is sick one day, they can submit the leave request after returning to work the next day.

Can employees submit leave requests for FML?

Yes. Employees can submit leave requests for FML absences by choosing the appropriate leave type.

What happens if I am out of the office and can't approve my employees' working time/leave requests?

Managers can delegate time/leave approvals to another employee. Please see the delegation instructions for details. The time administrator for your department also has the ability to process working time/leave approvals.

What happens if an employee submits a leave request that must be denied?

Managers can reject leave requests. If you reject a leave request, the employee will be notified via email and the leave status will show as "rejected". You should communicate the reason for your rejection with your employee.

How will employees know that their leave request has been approved or rejected?

Employees will receive an email notification noting the status of their leave request. This notification is sent once per day. The leave data overview will also show the status of the leave request. 

What happens if an employee submits working time that is incorrect?

Managers can reject working time entries that are inaccurate. If you reject a working time entry, you should communicate the reason for your rejection with your employee and have them re-submit their corrected working time entry.

When I try to approve working time or enter leave, I get this error message. What does it mean?

The error message below is telling you that the time approval area has been opened twice by a user, or by the employee and supervisor at the same time. Check to make sure any duplicate sessions are closed, or check with the employee to make sure they are not using the online time/leave tool.