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  1. Log in to the myUK portal, located at If you need assistance, review these instructions for logging in.
  2. To access the "Manager Self-Service" feature, first click on the "Manager Self-Service" menu item. 
  3. On the Manager Self-Service Overview page, click on the "Home Page"link:
  4. On the Home Page, you will see your Team, Birthdays and Anniversaries and a "Competency Matchup" section. The Competency Matchup displays the status of your team relative to any competency or training requirements (such as the required annual safety web-based trainings in UK HealthCare). 

    Competency Matchup Panel Shows Group Snapshot of Compliance 
    (Green = # Completed, Red =# Not Completed)

    As shown below, the green bars indicate the number of completed trainings (or competencies) that match requirements for the employee's position. In the example below, David Charming has completed eight of fifteen (8/15) required trainings and still needs to complete seven (7/15).

  5. To see the details on each individual's completed trainings, click on the link to the right of the green bar (as in example above) for that individual. In the details (see below), you will see information about the qualification, the rating held, rating required, the scale and the expiration date of the training/qualification:
  6. Click on the link to the right of the red bar to see details on required trainings the employee has not yet completed. This will bring up a list of trainings/qualifications that the employee has not completed (see below).  The Current Rating column will be blank.  The "Expiry (expiration) Date" will be the current date, indicating that the training is incomplete at the time this information is being reviewed by you, the supervisor.