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Can anyone enter working time or leave requests online?

  • Online working time entry is available for all non-exempt employees and students who are not currently using the KRONOS time system, are not a STEPS employees, and are not work study students.
  • Online leave requests are available for all regular non-exempt AND exempt employees who are not currently using the KRONOS time system. Regular faculty may enter vacation and professional leave/ travel using online leave requests.

When can I start using the online time entry/leave request tool?

Contact the time administrator in your department to confirm you should be using this tool before entering any time or leave requests online. It is available for use beginning May 19, 2013.

What does being a non-exempt or exempt employee mean?

An exempt employee is considered "exempt from overtime" and is not paid hourly. Exempt employees only submit leave requests. A non-exempt employee is considered "non-exempt from overtime", is paid hourly, and submits both working time and leave requests.

I currently enter my time using KRONOS. Can I use the online time/leave request tool instead?

No. KRONOS users should not use the online time/leave request tool. They should continue using KRONOS.

How does this work?

Please see the user guides and instructional videos for directions on using this tool.

If I am paid monthly, should I enter working time?

No. Exempt employees (not paid hourly) should not enter working time online.

How do I know if I have enough quota to request leave?

Leave requests cannot be submitted online by employees without quota being available to use. You can check quota availability using the time accounts overview.

When I try to create an online leave request, the person listed as my supervisor is wrong. How can I change this?

Please have your correct supervisor visit to make the change to your position information.

Do I need to create leave requests for every holiday?

Yes. All employees should submit online leave requests for the days on which they take holiday leave.

Can I go ahead and submit holiday leave requests for the entire year all at once?

No. Holiday leave quota is added for employees six weeks prior to each holiday. You can only submit a holiday leave request after the holiday quota has been loaded for you.

Can I submit leave requests for dates in the future, even if I haven’t accrued enough quota yet?

You can submit leave requests for dates in the future, but you must wait until you have enough quota to submit it online. If you don’t have enough quota for your request, you will not be able to submit it.

How do I request leave for a date in the future if I don’t have enough quota yet?

Contact your supervisor and let them know when you would like to take future leave. Once you have the quota, submit your leave request online.

Can I submit leave requests for dates in the past?

Yes. You can submit leave requests in the past, after you have taken time off from work. For example, if you are sick one day, you can submit the leave request after you return to work the next day.

Can I submit leave requests for FMLA?

Yes. You can submit leave requests for FMLA absences by choosing the appropriate leave type. You should only request FMLA leave types after your FMLA leave forms have been submitted and approved.

How do I change or cancel a leave request once it's been submitted?

Use the Edit or Cancel icons on your Leave Data Overview for these type of changes. Any changes or deletions will be sent to your supervisor for approval. PLEASE NOTE: the Edit and Cancel icons are not available through FireFox.

What happens if my supervisor is gone and can’t approve my working time/leave requests?

Your supervisor can delegate their approvals to another employee. Also, the time administrator for your department has the ability to process working time/leave approvals. If the payroll deadline is near, and your time has not been approved by your supervisor or delegate, contact your time administrator.

How do I know if my leave request has been approved or rejected?

Employees will receive an email notification noting the status of their leave request. This notification is sent once per day. The Leave Data Overview will also show the status of the leave request.

I have deleted a leave request, but it is still showing on my Leave Data Overview. Should I delete it again?

No. Leave requests and changes/cancellations of leave requests must first be approved by your supervisor. Once approved, the request is posted to your employee record. The posting takes places every hour. If both your "old" leave request and corrected/deleted leave request are still showing in your Overview, wait for your supervisor to approve it, and then wait for it to be posted. The Overview should then be accurate.

How do I enter working time if I have more than one job?

Open the Record Working Times timesheet and click on the Personnel Assignment dropdown menu. Choose the job for which you are entering time. Enter your hours and save. After you have entered time for one job, go back to the Overview and repeat the process for the next job.

How can I see all of my time or print my timesheet?

Open your timesheet and click the printer icon in the top right corner of the page.

This will open a pdf version of your timsheet, and will include both working time and leave requests. You can print or save this version of your timesheet.

Can I save my timesheet and use the saved version each week as a template?

Yes. When your timesheet is filled out in a version you wish to save, and click the Favorites dropdown menu. You can save your timesheet (with times included, without time, etc.).

Name your favorite. And import the favorite to use each week.

Can I copy info from my timesheet and use it for new entries?

Yes. Click the Copy icon to duplicate lines, a previous period, or your target hours. This will automatically fill in your attendance type and hours in the manner you designate.

When I try to record working time or enter leave, I get an error message. What does it mean?

  • The error below indicates your user profile is not set up for online time entry. If you are a non-exempt employee, and need to enter working time, your profile should be updated by visit If you are an exempt employee, you should not be entering working time.
  • The error below indicates you have already entered a leave request or working time for this day. The leave request you are trying to save is in "conflict" with these previous entries.
  • This message is a "time out". It means you had Employee Self Service open too long. Refresh the tab or log off/on to ESS and the error will be resolved.
  • Any of the warning messages below are notifying you that, because your leave request is for a date in the past, processing may require retroactivity and recalculation through time evaluation. These are not error messages. The green "check" message shows that your leave request was successful.