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UKHC Team Building

Team building is the process of helping a group of people evolve into a cohesive unit enabling them to work together more effectively. This process is furthered through activities and events designed to increase or promote certain aspects of the team. There are a variety of team building activities available depending on your desired outcomes. Many of the team building activities can be conducted by the leader, a team member, or by using other resources such as Enterprise Learning.

Below are some Enterprise Learning facilitated sessions. For more information on activities facilitated by leader or team members or the activities below, please contact Enterprise Learning.

Team Interaction Agreements A powerful process for improving trust, resolving conflicts, and establishing rules of engagement with psychological safety and a clear method of accountability afterwards. Uses include new team creation, partnership breakdowns, conflict, dysfunctional teams, group polarization, etc.

Visual Explorer Exercise of using a set of images and methods for supporting collaborative, creative conversations. Helps people build shared direction, alignment and commitment amid multiple perspectives.

Start/Stop/Continue This exercise is a strategic management tool aimed at enhancing organizational effectiveness. Teams identify actions to initiate (Start), cease (Stop), and maintain (Continue) for ongoing projects. Starting entails implementing new approaches or practices to boost productivity and innovation. Stopping involves discontinuing activities that hinder progress or prove ineffective. Continuing focuses on sustaining successful practices and reinforcing positive behaviors. This method fosters adaptability, aligns team goals, and promotes a dynamic, improvement-oriented culture within an organization.

New Leader Assimilation This is an exercise to use when a new manager comes into a team or work group for the first time. It gives the group an opportunity to explore the manager’s role as perceived by all and fosters open communication. It also provides a safe, anonymous way for team members to ask questions of their new leader.

Assessment Based Team Building Workshop Assessments Enterprise Learning utilizes a variety of different personality and leadership assessments in our programmatic offerings, coaching services, as well as other OD interventions. These assessments are intended for building awareness and facilitating growth and development. Some of the assessments used include:

  • Extended DISC
  • CliftonStrengths
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
  • Hogan Leadership Series
  • Benchmark for Managers (360 Feedback Assessment)

For more information on intent, availability, and pricing of assessments, please contact Enterprise Learning.