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Where can I find information about myUK? 
Documentation about myUK, including how to register for a class, enrolling and completing WBTs and more can be found in our myUK Information section.

When and where is UK HealthCare New Employee Orientation? 
UK HealthCare New Employee Orientation occurs bi-weekly on Mondays (except for weeks with major holidays occurring on Mondays in which case it is pushed to the following week). It is held virtually through Zoom. Links for the virtual Orientation will be emailed to the participants prior to Orientation. For additional detailed information, check out the Orientation section of our web page.

What classes do you offer?
We offer a variety of classes. We typically offer Leadership Development, Diversity Education, Professional Development, and Work-Life classes. Enterprise Learning also works in partnership with HR Training & Development.  More training classes are available through HR T&D.

Do you have A/V equipment available?
All of our training rooms are equipped with projection and Zoom capabilities. Please let us know if you need assistance setting up.

How far in advance can I book a room?
Our rooms are available to be booked no earlier than a month in advance. For example, in December you may book rooms for January but not for February or beyond. Please see out Facilities page for more detailed information.

How often are New Leader Academy sessions offered?
The program is offered quarterly.  It is a 3 and a half day program and participants attend all three and a half days simultaneously. We encourage new leaders to complete the program at the next available offering beyond your start date.

What programs are offered through Enterprise Learning?
We provide the New Leader Academy for all new and/or upcoming leaders, the Provider Emerging Leaders Program for physicians and APPs interested in leadership, the LEAD Program to develop existing managers and leaders, and the Talent Management Program to develop internal successors for mission critical roles.  All programs, except New Leader Academy, are available via application annually. Please see our Professional Development and/or the Leadership Development page for more information.

I'm trying to enroll in a class through myUK Learning but it won't let me select the class that I want.
If the box is grayed out, it means that class is full and you cannot enroll in it. We leave classes on the web even if they are full so that if someone needs to see where a class is and what time it starts, it will still be available for that information.

How do supervisors access resources to support employees they are directly responsible for?
Please visit myUK for Managers