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You don't have to log in to browse or search the job postings, but you will need to log in or create an account if you want to apply to a job, or if you want to bookmark it for later.

Logging in

If you already have an account, enter your username and your password. Your password is case-sensitive.

If you don’t have an account, follow the directions below.

If you don't recall your password or your user name, follow the directions at the bottom of the page.

Creating or Updating Your Account

Creating Your Account

To create an account, select  from the left-hand toolbar

  1. On the new account page, provide all the information that is marked as required (marked with a red asterisk *), and any other information that you choose to disclose.
    1. User name- The name you will use to log in. ​Tips for creating usernames:
      1. Keep in mind that the hiring officials will be able to see your user name
      2. You can use your email address as your username if you wish
      3. Many people use their first initial or first name/last name (i.e. msmith, marksmith, or mark.smith)
      4. We recommend not using spaces in your user name
      5. A message will tell you if someone else is already using the user name you chose
    2. Password- is case-sensitive. Tips for creating passwords:
      1. You can make a very secure password by running two or three words together (i.e. guessmypassword)
      2. We recommend not using spaces in your password
      3. Do not use your username as your password
      4. Nobody can ever see your password. If you forget it, you can have the system reset it.
    3. Password Confirmation- Your password again, typed exactly the same way. A message lets you know if the password and password confirmation boxes do not match
    4. Email Address & Email confirmation- The e-mail address where you want to receive correspondence about jobs you apply to. Tips for email addresses:
      1. Use an email address where you can always get your email
      2. Keep in mind that the hiring manager will be able to see your email address
    5. First Name
    6. Last Name
    7. Challenge question/response- you will need to answer this question correctly if you forget your password
    8. Address 1 and Address 2, City, State, and Postal Code- Your mailing address
      1. Use Address 1 for your street address
      2. Use Address 2 only for information more specific than the street address (i.e. apartment number)
    9. Primary and Secondary Phone- The best phone numbers to reach you (i.e. cell phone and home phone)
    10. Social Security Number (SSN) - displayed as you type it so that you can check to be sure you’ve entered it correctly. Once you select “Create” your SSN is never displayed again
  2. Select  to save your account information
    1. Your account is created, and you will be automatically logged in. You can then begin your job search.

Updating Your Account

To update your account information, log in and select ​ from the left-hand toolbar and update any information that has changed.

Forgot Your Username and/or Password

If you do not remember you username you can have the system email it to you. If you do not remember your password you can have the system reset it. The “Login” page includes a link to allow you to do either of those things.


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