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How do I change the account number on which my department is being billed for my HR Temporary Employment employee(s)?
Contact HR Temporary Employment at 257-9555 ext. 142, and we can help you change your account information. 

What should I do if my HR Temporary Employment employee is not performing adequately?
Our first goal is to help your department run as effectively as possible. If your HR Temporary Employment employee cannot fulfill the duties required, contact your TES as soon as possible. He or she can help determine if job counseling or termination is required. Always document as much information as possible. This will help the TES determine if the temporary employee can be placed in another assignment. HR Temporary Employment employees are held to the same standards as Regular employees. The Employee Handbook outlines expected behavior each temporary employee is expected to follow. At the completion of any HR Temporary Employment employee's assignment a Performance Evaluation should be filled out and sent to the applicable TES. Contact HR Temporary Employment for any questions or concerns about a specific temporary employee. 

What do I do when my HR Temporary Employment employee's assignment is completed?
Notify the employee as soon as possible of his or her last day of work. If possible, give the temporary employee a five-day notice. Also, inform HR Temporary Employment to begin the separation process. A Performance Evaluation must also be filled out and sent to HR Temporary Employment. 

What is the difference between Student Employment and HR Temporary Employment? 
Student Employment is a referral service for the UK student body ONLY. Once a student is referred to a department, the hiring official conducts the interview and makes the final hiring decision. Student Employees are placed directly on the departmental payroll. The student becomes an employee of the hiring department. Visit the Hiring Student Employees Web site for more information. 

HR Temporary Employment (formerly known as STEPS) recruits, interviews, screens, hires, and provides payroll services. HR Temporary Employment employees can be students or non-students. HR Temporary Employment will complete all paperwork. Departments are billed directly for each HR Temporary Employment employee.