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Each pay period departments will receive a billing invoice from HR Temporary Employment. Supervisors and/or department business officers should review each billing invoice for:

  1. Verification that employee(s) were employed during the specified pay period.

  2. The account number to which each employee has been billed is correct.

  3. Check hours billed against hours reported on the department's copies of timesheets.

  4. All pay rates are accurate.

Invoices should also be reconciled against ledger sheets. Discrepancies should be reported to HR Temporary Employment immediately at (859) 257-9502. 

Payroll Timesheets

REMINDER: HR Temporary Employment employees are not permitted to deliver original copies of their timesheets. After faxing or delivering a copy of the timesheet on the due date, each temporary employee must give the original copy to his/her department supervisor.  

Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Department supervisors are required to send the original copy of each HR Temporary employee's timesheet by the following Monday after timesheet due date (usually Friday - see HR Temporary Employment Payroll Schedule).

  2. It is important  that  supervisors retain copies of temporary employee's timesheets for reconciling against monthly billing invoices.

HR Temporary Employment must receive original timesheet copies from supervisors to audit against employee-faxed copies.