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By now, you have probably received a packet of Human Resources information designed to support you with this transition. Even if you haven’t had the time to read all the material you received, or if you don’t feel like doing so immediately, this is a quick overview of things you can do now to make full use of the resources available to you.

  • Be sure to schedule and attend a meeting with a representative from UK HR Career Employment, who can advise you on applying for employment at the University.
  • Know about your benefits. Some deadlines are extremely important and can affect what happens to your health insurance or other benefits (click here for UK Employee Benefits contact info). Find out how to apply for unemployment insurance, what will happen to your health and other insurance and more. For some answers to common questions, visit this page.
  • If you are feeling very upset about what has happened, think about contacting UK Work+Life Connections for free counseling services or check your health plan for available services.
  • Read the resource list on this site, and take advantage of the information, resources and support available to you.

Addressing Some Common Concerns

It may be helpful to know the following:

  • Terminal Vacation Pay - Upon separation from employment, you will receive a payout reflecting any accrued vacation leave you may have (up to one year’s accrual – a 10-, 15- or 20-day maximum, depending on your length of service). See HR Policy & Procedure #81.0: Terminal Vacation Pay for details.
  • Reinstatement - Your original service date and certain benefits may be restored if you assume a new regular (non-temporary) position with the University within 12 months of your separation of employment. These include temporary disability (sick) leave balance accruals and vacation leave accrual rates. The period of time not employed by the University does not count toward eligibility or restoration of benefits, or toward time for credit for retirement and leave eligibility calculation. See HR Policy & Procedure #15.0: Reinstatement for details.
  • Temporary Disability Leave Conversion and Retirement Eligibility - If you are near retirement eligibility at the time of your separation from employment, you may use accrued temporary disability (sick) leave to close any gap between your separation date and your retirement eligibility date. This would allow you to formally retire from the University upon separation from employment, should you choose this option. See HR Policy & Procedure #87.0 Conversion of Temporary Disability Leave for details.