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Will the retirement match be applied retroactive to my original UK start date? (Example: pre-July 1, 2021) 

No, the retirement match begins on July 1, 2021.

I’ve already been a resident for more than three years?  Am I vested beginning July 1, 2021?
I started my UK residency a year ago. Will I be vested July 1, 2021? 
You will have one year of vesting service towards the three-year requirement.
What is the maximum amount I can contribute per year? 
Anyone in the matching plan automatically contributes 5% of their income. To save even more and achieve the maximum amount allowed by the IRS, you can utilize the voluntary 403(b) and 457(b) plans. HR Benefits can assist you with determining your maximum opportunity.
Is participation mandatory?
If you started prior to July 1, 2023, you will be automatically enrolled if you are age 30 or older. Beginning July 1, 2023, you will be automatically enrolled if you are age 25 or older.
How does this impact my pay? 
You will see your 5% pre-tax contribution on your online statement in myUK.
Are contributions tax deferred? 
My training program at UK was for one year and I won’t be vested before I leave UK. Do I have to contribute? 
What happens to my contributions and UK’s employer match contributions when I leave? 
All your contributions and earnings are always 100% yours. You can keep them in the plan or roll them over to another similar plan. Your earnings are based on how you choose to invest them and may be subject to losses.
When does the clock start for my vesting? (Example: Impact to PGY1s in administrative no-pay status during June GME orientation)
The clock began with your official date of hire.
Am I vested and will I retain employer contributions if I am employed at UK for three years? 
When can I change my contributions? 
You cannot change your contributions to the matching plan, but you can change them at any time with the voluntary plans.
I’m not 30 years old yet and don’t plan on contributing. What is the enrollment and notification process when I turn 30? 
You will be automatically notified by UK HR.
If I have been employed at UK for three years, but the three years were not continuous full-time employment, will I be vested? 

Vesting is based on cumulative full-time service as long as an absence is less than one year. If you are not employed by UK for longer than one year, service credit starts over at re-employment.