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Coming Soon: Legal 101

The Office of Legal Counsel provides legal "101" training sessions to selected groups within the UK community. These sessions are designed to introduce the attendees to a general overview of the legal services provided by the Office of Legal Counsel. The Office would like the University community to become more familiar with the attorneys, paralegals and staff in the legal office so that they will take advantage of the resources available there when appropriate.

Topics covered at the sessions will include:

  • General Overview of Contracts
  • Intellectual Property
  • Employment
  • Risk Management
  • Ethics
  • Computer Use and Social Media
  • Litigation
  • Privacy Issues -- relating to computer use and open records requests

There will be presentations by various attorneys and staff from the Office of Legal Counsel, with opportunities to ask questions and arrange follow up visits to individual departments for training and information tailored to the needs of those departments.

Legal 101 is scheduled on the dates and times below in 220 Scovell Hall Suite 2:

March 25, 2014  9:00am – Noon
April 15, 2014  1:00 – 4:00

Register at myUK under the Employee Self-Service Training tab. Enter the course title in the search field, click on the title for dates, click on the date you prefer to attend, and then look to the far right for the link to registration.

New Professional Development Offering:

Identify and Address Workplace Bullying

Bullying can have a destructive impact on the workplace. In this workshop, learn what bullying is, is not, and how it is addressed in current policy. Also learn how to respond to bullying behavior in the work environment.

Visit the course description page for dates, times, and a link to register!

The Business of Fraud

Fraud is not anticipated, potentially eroding cost savings. Cost savings, revenue enhancements and earning augmentations are common denominators for successful businesses. Operational efficiencies and resource allocations are a few of the elements associated with cost savings. However, fraud can potentially reduce any cost savings, revenues or earnings. Fraud is not accidental or inadvertent, but rather a deliberate act committed for personal gain. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) 2012 annual report, 5% of an organizationís annual revenue is lost to fraudsters. This seminar will examine various types of occupational fraud in the higher education environment, fraud prevention techniques and the role of Information Systems.

Note: This course has been updated and revised. If you have previously taken The Business of Fraud, we ask that you register to attend as there is addtional information you need to know!

Register at myUK under the Employee Self-Service Training tab. Enter the course title in the search field, click on the title for dates, click on the date you prefer to attend, and then look to the far right for the link to registration.

Register for our newest Photoshop course!

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Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations (PEs) for regular campus employees will be released in the online PE system by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 17. PEs are first released to employees to complete a self-evaluation. The self evaluation is optional though departments may require a self-evaluation to be done. PEs are to be completed by February 28, 2014.

To find steps for completing the PE, consult the Completing the Online PE for Employees resource guide.

HR T&D Offers Consulting and Facilitation

Did you know HR T&D trainers are available to lead professional development retreats for University departments or units? Retreats can be facilitated on or off campus for a half-day session, full-day session, or a two day session. The three categories of professional development retreat offerings are Motivational, Personal, or Organizational. For additional information regarding T&D Consultations and Facilitation please visit our website.

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment Course Online

"Preventing Discrimination and Harassment", developed by the Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity, is available online. This course is required for all new faculty and staff. The course can be accessed through myUK under the Training tab in Employee Self-Service. For more information, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity at 257-8927.

Employee Orientation

University of Kentucky New Employee Orientation is offered in a streamlined, half-day format at the Hilary J. Boone Center at 500 Rose Street. The orientation will take place from 8:00 am – 12:40 pm.

Please note: The dress code at the Boone Center is business casual. However, an exception will be made for those employees required to wear scrubs or a work uniform to their respective workplaces.

All new University of Kentucky employees in regular positions are required to attend UNEO.

For information regarding weather and other delays or cancellations, please visit our Delays and Closings page.

Registration, continental breakfast, and parking application begins at 7:45 a.m.

View upcoming orientation dates and register.
View campus and parking maps.

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