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Find forms, guidelines, PE examples, and vital information for UK supervisors on the links below. Click on the toggle button to expand the selection.

New Employee Onboarding Toolkit
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Onboarding Toolkit
Do your employees feel welcome from Day 1? Visit this link to learn what is needed to guide your employee's first steps at UK. Learn what new employees need to know from Day 1. Information regarding NEO, 30, 60, 90 day prompts.


If you have questions about hiring STEPS Temporary employees, or Regular staff, then click on the appropriate link below.

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Student Employees
HR Student Employment's job is to help students find jobs while attending the University of Kentucky and to help employers by advertising positions and screening students to be referred for consideration.

STEPs Temporary Employees
HR STEPS Temporary Employment is a full-service staffing agency for the University of Kentucky that fills full-time, part-time, short-term, and long-term positions throughout the UK campus and UK HealthCare.

Regular Employees
HR Employment now offers a series of consultative services to help Hiring Officials find quality candidates.

Regulation, Policy and Procedures

The regulation and policy library serves as the official repository of all University-wide Governing and Administrative Regulations, and provides links to other University policy, in order to provide accurate and up-to-date policy information to the University community.

Staff Handbook
The Staff Handbook is an overview of HR Policies and Procedures. Every new employee receives a copy of the staff handbook when they attend New Employee Orientation.

Business Procedures
Learn more about procedures related to purchasing, auxiliary services, and information services by following this link.

Administrative Regulations
Policies of the President that implement the Governing Regulations and provide for the general administration and oversight of the University.

Governing Regulations
Umbrella policies of the Board of Trustees that provide the framework for administration to implement and comply with the intent of Board Policy. Policies that define requirements or constraints that impact the University's overall mission, operation, or governance.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures
Policies and procedures relating to employment with the University for all employee groups, except that certain policies for faculty are contained in the Governing and Administrative Regulations.

Other Policies and Procedures
These policies and procedures further implement the governing and administrative regulations.

Performance Evaluation

In pursuit of excellence in the fulfillment of our mission, Performance Evaluation promotes exemplary performance of our employees and facilitates the successful achievement of our vision.

PE Overview
The University's performance evaluation system is called Performance Evaluation (PE) and offers a consistent approach and operating philosophy for providing feedback and assessment of employee performance through annual evaluation.

Job Standards
Selected Performance Evaluation training is available online. Find examples of job standards for various positions at UK or complete a self-paced tutorial on writing job standards.

University Safety

Do you know what to do in case of an emergency? Get information on employee health and safety, UKAlert, and emergency management procedures here.

All accidents, injuries, or illnesses must be reported as quickly as possible.

Environmental Health & Safety
The Division supports the University's teaching, research, and public service mission by promoting a safe, healthful, clean, and accessible campus environment. The Division's programs are intended to provide safe and healthy conditions for work and study, protect the environment, and comply with applicable laws and regulations. The Division serves the University community by providing technical services, education and training, periodic audits, and compliance assistance.

Occupational Health & Safety
This department is responsible for all OSHA-related programs, such as respiratory protection, hearing conservation, bloodborne pathogens, hazard communication, and laboratory safety, and many others. The department also conducts fume hood inspections, indoor air quality investigations, and accident investigations, and assists units with general safety procedures, such as ladder safety, chemical storage safety, electrical safety, and construction safety.

UK Alert
The University of Kentucky has an emergency notification system, UK Alert, to communicate official information during an emergency or crisis situation that disrupts normal operation of the campus or threatens the health or safety of members of the campus community.

UK Police Department
UKPD's mission is to promote a safe and secure campus environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors at the University.

Crisis Management & Preparedness
Do you know what to do in an emergency situation? Learn more here.

Mission, Vision, and Values & Strategic Plan

Learn how both you and your staff fit into UK's mission, vision, and values and also about the Strategic Plan by visiting these websites.

Visit this link and learn how your division's vision, mission and values relates overall to the University's mission and vision.

UK HealthCare
If you are a UK healthcare employee click here for your division's vision, mission and values as it relates to the overall University's mission.

Strategic Plan

Strategic plans are opportunities for renewal and change. Learn more here.

UK HealthCare
If you are a UK healthcare employee click here to learn more about the UKHC strategic plan.

Learning/Education Opportunities

What types of training are available to employees at UK? Learn more about e-training, professional development, and technology classes here.

Preventing Sexual Harassment
Online training in Preventing Sexual Harassment. This training is strongly recommended for all UK employees.

This link will take you to the login page at the myUK portal. Under the Employee Self-Service tab you will find the link to Training where all employees may register for both instructor-led and computer-based training.

The Learning Center for HealthCare
Do you work on the healthcare side of campus? If so, the Learning Center has training opportunities for you.

Employee Education Program
A great benefit to employees and their family, the EEP is a tuition waiver program.

The University requires safety training classes to be completed before beginning certain types of work. Visit this website to learn more.

Leading for Excellence
This program fulfills the University’s strategic goal of developing its human resources, as people are the University’s greatest asset. Supervisors and managers are critical in maximizing and expanding the skills of their employees.


Email Us Your Questions

If you need to contact us regarding questions you have about attending SuperVision training or an issue associated with this site, please email us your questions.


Article of the Month: Stretch Goals: Developing Your Team

"Man's mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimension." Oliver Wendell Holmes
When you think of developing your staff or team what comes to mind? Sending them to professional development or technical training? Having them attend a professional association conference? Coaching? Mentoring? Sending them to our Career Development guru? Encouraging them to participate on committees? All of these things are definitely a part of developing your staff members, but the one thing missing is giving them stretch assignments or goals. To learn more, check out this month's article on Stretch Goals - Developing Your Team.


University SuperVision is a training program designed by HR Training & Development especially to equip supervisors with the skills and knowledge to manage people and function effectively. It is the most comprehensive, work-oriented supervisory training program ever offered at the University. Please visit the SuperVision webpage for additional information and a link to registration.

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