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University SuperVision is a mandatory training program designed by HR Training & Development to equip supervisors with the skills and knowledge to manage people and functions effectively at the University of Kentucky. Completion of the SuperVision program is mandated by Human Resources Policy and Procedure Number 50.0: Staff Development / Training. This policy dictates "All newly hired or promoted supervisory employees shall complete SuperVision, a supervisory training program, within 180 days of supervisory assignment."

At times, supervisors come into positions having already developed strong skills through formal education or experience. University SuperVision will build on that knowledge base by providing insight to the unique policies and procedures used at the University of Kentucky.


  • To develop a staff of highly skilled and competent supervisors who understand and manage human and capital resources in a strategic rather than reactive fashion
  • To assist supervisors in the recognition and proper application of University policies and procedures
  • To provide supervisors with some of the basic supervisory skills in order to build more confident and self-motivated employees
  • To contribute to the University's overall mission of providing excellent instruction, modern research, and meaningful service


To help ensure newly hired University supervisors receive required training on a timely basis, HR Training & Development will soon begin providing quarterly training compliance reports to all senior leaders. By providing greater transparency regarding compliance with required SuperVision training, we hope to dramatically increase completion/compliance rates.

Follow this link to read more about: Compliance Information and Deadlines

SuperVision Courses

All supervisors must complete University SuperVision. This is the core program for both Campus and HealthCare supervisors. In addition to the core program, supervisors within the UK HealthCare Enterprise will need to complete courses specific to the HealthCare system. Please select the appropriate link below to see the classes required.

Campus Supervisors
University Supervision Chart of Courses

If you have been attending SuperVision training and aren't sure what classes you need to take to complete the program and receive your certificate of completion, please email Over the years, the program and course names have changed; we'll be happy to assist you in determining where you are in the completion process.

HealthCare Supervisors

HealthCare Supervision Chart of Courses

The courses listed on the attached chart are required for all HealthCare supervisors.  The courses identified as UKHC are only offered on a quarterly basis; while courses identified as SV are offered monthly.

For questions regarding UK HealthCare SuperVision courses, contact Alison Preston at 859.323.0638 or Rosemarie Ballard at

Delivery Methods

While we continue to offer the traditional classroom sessions for most of our supervision classes, we also have many alternative delivery methods available such as web-based training (WB) or virtual instructor-led (VC). To learn more about these delivery methods, click on the link below.

Web-based trainings (WB)

Our web-based Supervision courses will allow participants to complete the training session from the convenience of their office, home, or any location where they have a computer with speakers. The sessions can be completed any time day or night.

Some tips that will help make the web-based training experience a little more enjoyable:

  • Before starting the course, if you've had your computer on and using a lot of applications throughout the day take time to shut down and restart your computer. This will clear out the all the temporary memory files that might cause problems with the web based course.
  • You will need the latest version of Java and Flash installed. If you are unsure of the version you have installed, contact your local IT support group for assistance.
  • Clear/Delete your Internet browser's temporary Internet files/history/cache/etc.
  • Internet Browsers
    • The only web browsers that should be used to complete WBTs are:
      • Internet Explorer
      • Firefox
    • Chrome
      • There are known issues with this web browser
      • It is not recommended to be used.
    • Safari
      • Proprietary to Apple Mac and iPad users
      • Do not use this browser when accessing SAP
  • If the WBT begins to move slow, stops playing or you don't see some of the buttons referenced in the course, check to see if any of these items might help correct the problem:
    1. Remote access
      • It is NOT recommended to attempt to complete a WBT via remote access.
      • Log off and complete the course while in the office.
    2. Software updates
      • Do you have the latest version of Java and Flash installed on your PC?
      • If not, contact your local IT help desk to get those installed.
    3. Multiple applications open
      • Depending on the memory capacity of your PC, the number of applications you have open while trying to complete a WBT will impact the speed.
      • It is suggested to close some of the applications not needed until you have completed the course.
    4. Windows or Security updates
      • If your PC is in the process of downloading either of these system updates, it can impact your machine.
      • Sign out of the WBT and login after the updates have been processed.
    5. Internet browser memory -- clearing the browsing history and temporary files can help.
    6. Restart PC
      • Log out of open applications
      • Shut down and restart the PC
      • Access myUK and course
  • If the issue continues to be a problem for your SuperVision WBT, please email the course owner with the details at
By ensuring the above items are current before accessing the course, it should limit the number of system issues you encounter.
Virtual trainings (VC)

Our virtual SuperVision courses will also allow participants to complete the training session from the convenience of their office, home or any location where they have a computer and a telephone or PC headset with microphone. The telephone and/or PC headset with microphone is needed to interact with the other participants and hear the instructor as they conduct the class. These virtual sessions are instructor led and will be scheduled for a specific day and time.

Some tips that will help make the virtual training experience a little more enjoyable.

A few days PRIOR to the virtual session:

  1. To ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to attend the training, test your connection by clicking on this link: Test Connection
    • If the test passes successfully, you are ready for the training.
    • If the test fails, you will need to contact your local IT support for assistance. Provide them with the information from the connection test results above.
  2. If prompted to install the Adobe Add In, you MUST do so in order to attend the virtual training session.

Day of the virtual session:

  1. Locate the email you received from the SuperVision trainers.
    • Will be sent approximately 5 days prior to the actual class.
    • Provides the link for testing your PC compatibility to access the session.
    • Provides the link to the training session.
    • Provides details for accessing the audio portion of the class.
  2. Close out email and any additional applications you might have open on your PC. This helps keep other applications interfering with the training session.
  3. Please begin the login in process approximately 10 minutes prior to the session start time. This will allow time for accessing the virtual meeting room and logging into the conference call.

Registering for SuperVision Classes and Checking Transcripts

To access the Training section of myUK to register for classes or to check your transcript for completed classes:

1. Visit the myUK portal
2. Login using your LinkBlue User ID and Password
3. Click the Employee Self-Service tab
4. Click the Training tab

To register for classes
  1. Locate the Course Catalog at the bottom left of your screen:
    1. If you are registering for the courses required for all University of Kentucky Supervisors, select HR Training and Development, then click on the SuperVision link
    2. If you are registering for the additional courses required for all UK HealthCare Supervisors, select UK HealthCare, then click the UK HealthCare SuperVision link
  2. Book the courses individually, via the Assigned Courses section located in the middle of your screen
To check your transcript
  1. Locate the section titled 'My Learner Account' on the left side of your screen
  2. Click the Training Activities link
    1. You will now see two sections on your screen. The top section, My Training Activities, will list any classes in which you are currently booked.
    2. The bottom section, Completed Courses, will display the classes you have completed. The multiple tabs at the top of the section will provide a break-down of the class delivery among Classroom, Virtual Classroom and Web-Based.
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