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Performance Evaluation - Process

2012 Performance Evaluations due Tuesday, February 28, 2013

Please retain a copy of the PE for the department file, provide the employee with a copy and send the original PE form to Human Resources, attention: Records Department, Room 21 Scovell Hall, 0064 no later than February 28, 2013.  PE ratings are now entered into SAP for analysis purposes. 

The process is designed to simplify the required elements. At the same time, it provides avenues for additional input at the discretion of the staff member and the supervisor. Some staff members desire a great deal of feedback and input into the performance evaluation process and others simply desire an evaluation. This system requires a minimum of feedback but provides the opportunity for more if desired.

The evaluation period for non-hospital employees is based on the calendar year (January 1 to December 31).  Hospital employees’ evaluation cycle is the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

Required Components

One Required Meeting between Supervisor and Employee

Many supervisors conveyed that in practice they already combined the year-end review and the planning process into a single meeting in order to make the connection between past performance and future performance more continuous. The Performance Evaluation process integrates this existing practice.

Performance Improvement Plans for Unacceptable Performance

The Performance Evaluation system uses a 5-point rating scale. 

Explanation of the ratings can be found by viewing FAQ rating scale explanation.

1 = Rarely Met Job Standards
2 = Sometimes Met Job Standards
3 = Met Job Standards
4 = Occasionally Exceeded Job Standards
5 = Consistently Exceeded Job Standards and/or Performed Significant Assignments in Addition to Regular

Essential Functions

A Performance Improvement Plan must be written for every employee who receives a performance rating of less than "3" on any Essential Function.

This form is designed to facilitate a plan to enable the employee to achieve acceptable performance including training, work redesign, and behavioral change. The goal of the plan is to give the employee guidance to become successful. Human Resources will maintain a copy of this form.

Note: If the employee does not receive a rating of less than "3" on any Essential Function, the Performance Improvement Plan is not required.

Optional Components

Mid-Year Review Meeting

Many staff members appreciate the feedback they get from their supervisors and the mid-year review offers an opportunity to separate feedback and evaluation objectives. However, staff members with long job tenure may not need nor desire a great deal of feedback or direction. Thus, supervisors and staff have the flexibility to use or eliminate a mid-year review depending on their individual needs.

If no mid-year review meeting is scheduled, supervisors are encouraged to give regular written feedback to employees to ensure successful job performance.

Self-Evaluations for Employees

Staff members are encouraged to conduct voluntary self-evaluations. The purpose of the self-evaluation is to promote employee reflection on job performance, to provide the opportunity for employees to inform supervisors of work accomplishments, and to alert supervisors to institutional barriers hindering their work quality. Many staff members have no interest in this process and may not elect to participate. If staff members take the initiative to conduct self-evaluation, supervisors should seriously consider the information provided.

To ensure that the Self-Evaluation Form is completed thoroughly and accurately, employees are encouraged to regularly document their accomplishments.

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