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All forms will now be submitted with only the last four digits of the Social Security number in the information block.  Because of this change, it is critical that the name of the employee be their formal name, not a nickname or initials only. Please submit forms on white paper only. Please staple all forms.

For your convenience, the PE form will now calculate the final rating on the last page.


Performance Evaluation Form

The Performance Evaluation Form must be completed by supervisors for all employees.

It is designed to provide feedback for employees on their performance. Supervisors are encouraged to complete this form for the Mid-Year Review as well as the Year-End Assessment.

Note: This is the only form that is required for all regular University employees in the Performance Evaluation system.

Self Evaluation Form

The purpose of the self-evaluation is to encourage employee reflection on job performance, to provide the opportunity for employees to inform supervisors of work accomplishments, and to alert supervisors to institutional barriers hindering their work quality. To ensure that the Self-Evaluation Form is completed thoroughly and accurately, employees are encouraged to regularly document their accomplishments.

Performance Improvement Plan

A Performance Improvement Plan is required only for employees who receive a performance rating less than "3" on any Essential Function. This form is designed to facilitate a plan to enable the employee to achieve acceptable performance including training, work redesign, and behavioral change. The goal of the plan is to give the employee guidance to become successful.

Note: If the employee does not receive a rating less than "3" on any Essential Function, the Performance Improvement Plan is not required.

For information regarding Temporary Employee Performance Evaluations, please visit the Temporary Employment website and choose the Performance Evaluation Form link under 'Popular Pages' section.


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