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Professional Development

Professional Development courses are offered to all UK employees on an open enrollment basis. Competency-based courses are designed to meet the University's goal to develop and retain excellent staffing. Our courses provide all University employees the opportunity to strengthen job performance, build leadership capabilities, and foster personal and professional growth throughout their tenure at the University.

For more information or for help in developing your training plan, please contact:
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Coaching for Best Results
In this seminar, we will focus on supporting coaching skills in new hire training. We will learn how to provide support and coaching during the initial few days, to provide ongoing coaching and ... More

Communicating With Success
During this workshop, we will explore basic communication issues. By the end of the session, participants will be able to: Define the three ... More

Facilitating Meetings and Teams
Without facilitation, a meeting can easily become a waste of everyone's time. A facilitated approach is better because, simply, facilitation ... More

Personality Differences
As long as you live you will have at least some unwelcome and unproductive friction with others. Scientists have discovered that 75% of the population ... More

Presenting Effectively
Designed for the professional who is occasionally (or frequently!) required to make presentations, this intense, practice-focused workshop extends over ... More

Principles of Effective Writing
Many of us are profoundly insecure about our ability to communicate effectively in writing. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able ... More

Use Phone and Email Effectively
Responding to our customers is not just a face-to face proposition.  Much, if not most, of our communication is done on the phone and by email.  So, how do we maintain our ... More

Creative Problem Solving and Flexibility

Facing the Challenge of Change
Change is something that we face and have to face up to everyday! Through this workshop, participants will be able to: Interpret the dynamics of ... More

In this dynamic workshop, positive attitude, customer focus, and loads of fun combine to transform the workplace. During this session, participants will learn four ... More

Group Problem Solving
You and your co-workers encounter a range of range of problems at work. During this workshop, we will explore a quick and easy 3 stage problem solving ... More

Moving Forward After Change
We are all being confronted with unwanted, stressful change.  It is a part of modern life and work.  Why do some of us seem to be able to roll with the punches and survive ...More

Personal Decision Making
Most of us make hundreds of decisions every day. Many of us are also unhappy with the decisions that we make. We wonder if we have thought things ... More

Thinking Critically
Reasoning is the process of examining data (facts, information, evidence, observations, and experiences) and drawing inferences, judgments ... More

Interpersonal Skills

Basics of Diversity
In order to understand diversity, it is important to understand how individuals are different. We must explore the ... More

Building a Climate of Trust
This workshop is intended for those who lead others (supervisors, managers, etc.) and should be taken only after the participant has ... More

Communicating Across Cultures
When faced by an interaction that we do not understand, people tend to interpret the others involved as "abnormal", "weird", or "wrong" ... More

Gender Styles in Communication
Communications between men and women in the workplace can be confusing and sometimes unsatisfying. In this workshop, participants will: Increase ... More

Generations in the Workplace
This is a half-day workshop that describes the characteristics, values, and motivations of the four generations in the workplace. This workshop will help you ... More

Goal Setting 101
Getting the most out of our life by being successful in accomplishing our goals—personally and professionally—can seem like a daunting task. Goal Setting 101 is here to ... More

Identify and Address Workplace Bullying
Bullying can have a destructive impact on the workplace. In this workshop, learn what bullying is, is not, and how it is addressed in current policy. Also learn how to respond ... More

Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace
What is discrimination?  Who decides if harassment is happening?  Would you recognize sexual or racial harassment in the workplace?  When is it ok to talk about sex and race at work? What other ... More

Turning Around the Worst Performers
There are six behaviors typically associated with poor performance: Insubordination, Personal Problems, Absenteeism and Tardiness, “Skating”, Disruptive Passive-Aggressive Behaviors ... More

What to Do About Bad Attitude Behaviors
Employees with bad attitudes are in total control of both their perceptions and their actions.  Bad attitudes can be changed only by the beliefs being changed.  In this seminar ...More


21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader
What do you dream of? In your wildest imagination, what do you see yourself doing? Now, what is standing between you and ... More

Basics of Leadership
What is a leader? Can you become the leader you envision? During this workshop, we will address the issue of becoming the best leader ... More

Basics of Training and Development for Managers
Every year, organizations spend thousands of dollars on training programs that fail. Why? Because the training doesn't meet the mission ... More

Coaching Your Front-Line Staff
Leaders today are called upon more often to deal with challenges and pressures including doing more with fewer resources, implementing ... More

Essential Leader Program
Each one of us is a leader at some point by serving on a committee, working on a project, training or mentoring a new employee, or volunteering our skills in ... More

Experienced Leader Academy
Based on the books of John C. Maxwell, this leadership series is designed to encourage and support experienced managers to continue to maximize their leadership potential. Managers and ...More

Getting Rid of Waste
Waste is all around us.  We waste time standing in lines, waiting in traffic and waiting because of poor service.  In your department, what is waste?  And what are you supposed to do about ... More

The Humanity Academy
Participants of the Humanity Academy, upon selection, will spend one week identifying and learning about specific dimensions of diversity through videos, guest speakers, interactive activities, and ... More

Introduction to HR Policies & Procedures
During this workshop, participants will be provided with an overview of the University of Kentucky Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual and will be exposed to the ... More

Leading From a Distance
Where is the virtual workplace?  It is not a single designated location but anywhere that people can and do work.  If you manage people you don’t see ... More

Leading Your Service Providers
In the world of customer service delivery, your staff is critical. It is their direct, personal, real-time interactions with the customers that you, the Customer Service Manager/Leader, are there to ... More

Make the Transition from Peer to Leader
One of the most difficult adjustments most of us face comes when we are promoted to supervise the group in which we recently worked. The excitement of taking on new responsibilities can... More

Managing Change
In today's environment, organizations cannot survive without change. Today's employees must adapt their attitudes and practices ... More

Motivating for Top Performance
Being able to motivate others is seen as a gift -- either you have it or you don't. But it is possible to learn motivation skills ... More

Our Iceberg is Melting
The book, Our Iceberg is Melting, tells the tale of a colony of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica. The colony has inhabited the same iceberg for generations, and they have naturally come to think ... More

Recognizing Performance Problems
Many leaders frequently ask, "Why don't they just do what they are supposed to do?" This seminar is designed to give leaders ... More


7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Program
Maybe you've heard about The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People--the best-selling business book of all time ... More

Accountabilty and Job Success
When it comes to how others perceive you, there is a big difference between being seen as reliable, ethical and willing and being seen as unreliable, unethical and unwilling.  During this workshop ... More

Business Etiquette
Business etiquette is about presenting yourself in a way that shows you keep an open mind and maintain open and honest communication ... More

Developing a Winning Image
How important is your professional image? Will you be considered a serious contender for high-visibility, high-potential opportunities if ... More

Developing a Winning Image -- Virtual Course
Follow this link to see the dates for the virtual classroom offering of this course.

Email Etiquette
Email is the main form of communication in the workplace.  How well does your email represent you and your organization?  Is it clear, concise and ... More

Resolves Conflict

Crucial Confrontations
Crucial Confrontations training equips participants with a straightforward, step-by-step process for identifying and resolving performance gaps—those unpleasant realities standing in ... More

Dealing with Difficult Customers
Occasional angry or challenging customers can frustrate even the best customer service system. In this seminar, we discuss specific techniques and positive wording to deal with difficult ... More

Managing Staff Conflict
As a leader, you doubtless encounter conflict among your front line staff members. Unproductive conflict can cause significant problems if not ... More

Mediating Workplace Conflict
In every work place of more than one person, conflicts are inevitable. Whenever workers think others are interfering with their pursuit of a goal ... More

Resolving Workplace Conflict

This course focuses on resolving various workplace situations where disagreements or conflicts arise between team mates. Upon completion, participants ... More

Special Requests

The following workshops are particularly suitable as special requests: for retreats, staff meetings, and department meetings. Click on the titles for the course descriptions and additional information.

Apollo 13: A Case Study in Leadership
In April 1970, Apollo 13 made its ill-fated mission to the Moon. Although the landing was cancelled, the mission has been called the “most successful failure” of recent times. During this seminar ... More

Building Professional Relationships
Developing professional relationships is about presenting yourself in a way that shows you keep an open mind and maintain open and honest communication, and that you stick to your ... More

Choosing and Using Quality Improvement Tools
Understanding how to analyze your problem in a structured way and use validated problem solving instruments to identify causes, gather information, choose the best solution and ... More

Conducting a SWOT Analysis
Occasionally it seems that we manage our departments in a vacuum—doing today what we did this time last year and merely tweaking next year’s plans without ever taking into account what is ... More

CSI: Small Town Kentucky
In this lively session, groups will work together to solve a problem:  Who killed Coach? ... More

Deploying Policy
Policy deployment is an activity that aligns vertically and horizontally the functions of your office with the department and university strategic objectives.  A specific plan is developed with ... More

Emotional Intelligence 2.0
The daily challenge of dealing effectively with emotions is critical. Considering the range of emotions we are capable of expressing, it is no wonder that our emotions can ... More

Etiquette of Business Meals
Dining out with business colleagues, clients and potential employers can be a daunting event.  In this workshop, you will learn practical tips to make sure that you enjoy the meal and ... More

Following With Courage and Commitment
Leaders and followers form around a common purpose. The most capable followers in the world will fail if they gripe about their leaders but don’t help them ... More

Getting Rid of Waste
Waste is all around us.  We waste time standing in lines, waiting in traffic and waiting because of poor service.  In your department, what is waste?  And what are you supposed to do about ... More

Handling Anger in the Workplace
Handling negative emotions in the workplace is one of the greatest challenges management and employees face today. Since most people ... More

Identifying and Preventing Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is a focal point of national attention. This seminar will enable participants to identify behaviors that could be construed as sexual ... More

Improving Patient Satisfaction
What can be done to improve patient satisfaction? The job in healthcare is a lot harder than it has ever been before. You are caring for more patients, who are sicker, with less help, while ... More

Interpretation of Control Charts
Are you receiving information about the performance of your clinic or department in the form of a control chart? Are you confused about what the control chart shows you? Would you like to know ... More

Times change. What worked for the University of Kentucky ten years ago or even last year may no longer work today. Our challenge as a member of a process improvement team is to ... More

Making a Strategic Plan
Strategic planning is the process of defining direction and making decisions on allocating resources to pursue this strategy.  Any manager can create a strategic plan.  During this seminar ... More

Managing Across Generations
The workforce is much more diverse today than ever before and one aspect of that diversity is the age of the workers.  For the first time, four generations are ... More

M.E.E.T. on Common Ground
M.E.E.T. on Common Ground - Speaking Up for Respect in the Workplace is a thoughtful, straightforward program that provides practical skills ... More

Meet Productively
Why are meetings so despised?  Face-to-face collaboration with your teams is invaluable to productivity and guaranteeing expected outcomes.  Learning how to meet productively means ... More

Meeting Focus
Meetings have a bad reputation -- mostly because they are often conducted so poorly! Effective meetings build communication and enhance productivity. In this session, you will learn how to ... More

Perceptions: Is Seeing Believing?
Can we trust what we see? How can we make sense out of what the senses send to the brain? We will discuss how we see ourselves, how others see us, and ... More

Prof Workplace: Letting Your Light Shine
Professionalism has no simple definition. What one department considers unprofessional is completely acceptable to another. However, professionalism is considered an important trait ... More

QAT Facilitation
Facilitating process improvement teams can be a daunting responsibility. A good facilitator can help a team to focus on the right problems, implement ... More

Seeing Value Through Customer's Eyes
You may think the concept of value is pretty standard, but the reality is that we each have our own conception of what constitutes value. Here at UK, we have to ... More

Train the Trainer
During this seminar, you will learn how to conduct structured, systematic, on-the-job training. By the end of the workshop, you will ... More

Understanding Muslim Culture
There are over 7.5 million Muslims and more than 1,200 mosques nationwide. In central Kentucky and UK, we are seeing an increasing Muslim population ... More

Use Phone and Email Effectively
Responding to our customers is not just a face-to face proposition.  Much, if not most, of our communication is done on the phone and by email.  So, how do we maintain our customer service standards ... More

Using Time Wisely
Many of us feel that despite our best intentions that the workday is over and we have not finished a single item on our to-do list! During this seminar, we will discuss how to become ... More


Leading Effective Teams
Successful leaders rely on their work groups to create success. But effective teamwork doesn't occur in a vacuum of leadership. Leaders must take ... More

Providing Exceptional Customer Service
One of the most important and challenging objectives in any business today is to provide services that consistently meet (and exceed) customer ... More

Teamwork in a Changing Workplace
Why bother with teamwork? After all, isn't it simpler to just do your job and not worry about what anyone else is doing? During this workshop we ... More

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