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Our Mission

Training and Development opportunities at the University of Kentucky take many forms, but all share four basic goals: to enhance the contributions professional development training makes to your work, your department, and the University, to show you strategies and solutions for doing your job more successfully, to enable you to meet and engage with colleagues, and to provide ways to assist you as you advance professionally.

Human Resources Training and Development serves the university’s goal of stewardship of its human resources by providing training, development and consultation services dedicated to strengthening job performance, building leadership capabilities, and fostering personal and professional growth for all its employees.


Eligibility to Attend Training

All University Faculty and Staff, both regular and temporary are eligible to participate in HR Training & Development training courses. Read HR Policy Number 50.0 for complete information regarding the University's purpose, policy, and process regarding staff development/training.

Workshops and classes are open to any UK employee who has been assigned a Person Identification Number. If you do not have a PID number, please contact one of our training specialists to discuss your needs.

T&D Policy for Delays and Closing

In preparation for the upcoming winter season, it’s time to think about ice, snow and the possibility of delays and closings by the university.  We want you to know what to expect in the event of any delays or closings, so we’ve instituted a policy for our workshops in these events.

Normal Schedule
If the university is operating under a normal schedule during ice and snow, then our workshops we be held as scheduled.

University Closing
If the university is closed due to weather-related events, any workshops held that day will be canceled and rescheduled.

One Hour Delay
If the university is on a one-hour delay (opening at 9:00 am), any morning workshops will begin at 9:00 am. Workshops scheduled to start later in the day will be held as planned.

Two Hour Delay
If the university is on a two-hour delay (opening at 10:00 am), any morning workshops will be canceled and rescheduled -- with the exception of University New Employee Orientation (which will start at the announced University opening time).  Workshops scheduled to start later in the day will be held as planned.

University New Employee Orientation (UNEO)
If the university is closed, UNEO will be canceled and participants will need to reschedule for a later session.  If there is a delay, UNEO will start at the announced University opening time.

Early Closing
If an early closing is announced, any workshops in progress will end at their scheduled time or at the announced closing time, whichever is earlier.  If there are workshops scheduled to start after an early closing is announced, those workshops will be canceled and rescheduled.  (i.e., it’s announced at 1:00 pm that the university will close at 3:00, a workshop starting at 1:30 will be canceled.)

T&D Workshops held at a UK HealthCare Location
Since HealthCare employees are not impacted by closings and delays, workshops typically are not cancelled.  However, if the instructor is unable to be present, attendees will be notified of the workshop cancellation as soon as possible.

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