Training and Development

Step 1: Log on to myUK

Visit mUK and sign on with your link blue userID and password, the same ID and password you use to access most University systems, including computers, networks and e-mail.

myUK Login Page


Step 2: Click "Employee Self-Service"

Once logged into myUK, click the "Employee Self-Service" tab.

Click the ESS Tab


Step 3: Click "Training" and then "Training" again

Clicking the "Training" menu item will open a Service Map page with a second link to the Training Center.

Click Training links


Step 4: Searching for a Class

Enter a class title/keyword in the Search Term field (for example: "access"). Then click on the gold "Find" button.

Find Search Term


Step 5: Selecting a Class from Search Results

The next page will show any "hits found" -- classes matching your search word or phrase. Click a class title to view a complete course and available dates for that specific class.

Search Results


Step 6: Selecting a Specific Class Offering

The next page will display class dates for specific instances of this class taking place within 90 days. To view specific times, click "To Registration" associated with the date.

List of Course Dates


Step 7: "Booking" Classroom Training

To "book" (register for) this class, simply click the "Book this course" button at the bottom of the main window. You may need to scroll down the page to view the "Book this course" button.

Book button


Step 8: Booking/Registration Confirmation

Click OK

From there, you will see your booking for this course was successful, as shown below.

Confirmation Msg


Step 9: Login to myUK and sign-up for training!

Login and Register at myUK